Azerbajian Citizens Seek Medical Care With Their Neighbor

Azerbaijan Citizens Seek Medical Care with Near Destinations

Azerbajian citizens are increasingly choosing medical care in nearby Turkey, a country becoming increasingly known for its innovative, experienced and world-class health care.  According to the National Institutes of Health, Azerbajian has suffered from an inefficient medical health care system, poor financing and equipment and adequately trained medical staff when it comes to offering universal access to health care, offering free care provided by governmental support. Unfortunately, such an approach to medical care in this region of the former Soviet Union has fallen behind its neighbors in providing innovative, accredited, and experienced healthcare.

The structure and development of healthcare systems in Azerbajian today are similar to those employed throughout the Soviet Union in prior decades. A relatively small doctor-to-patient ratio prevents many rural Azerbajian citizens from accessing state-of the art emergency care and treatments. While such care is available in larger cities, rural areas lack specialist-driven care and comprehensive emergency medicine specialists.

Compounding a lack of adequate medical training universities, certified and accredited physicians and surgeons, the years following independence for Azerbajian have also proven economically challenging. Physicians and surgeons receive relatively low salaries compared to global standards, and the entire healthcare system in Azerbajian lacks adequate funding and resources to provide the best quality care for many of its citizens throughout the country.

Azerbajian Citizens Seek Medical Care in Turkey
Azerbajian citizens seeking specialized medical care and services are increasingly traveling to Turkey, their neighbor a short distance to the east, with the easily accessible routes through Armenia and Iran, their neighbors to the east. Medical care providers in Azerbajian and Turkey are increasingly collaborating with international government and health care organizations and systems, including those found in neighboring Turkey.

International quality health care standards found in Turkey are generating a buzz in the medical and health care provider industry. State-of the art equipment, new and comprehensive care facilities, technology and training have increased the influx of neighboring patients to care centers throughout Turkey.

In recent years, Turkish medical care providers have partnered with major medical centers throughout the globe, including Great Britain, Europe, and the United States.  As a new medical destination, tourism for medical care accessed in Turkey is expected to exceed over $1 billion in the next couple of years.

Turkey offers up-to-date, experienced care and quality services in a variety of cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures including breast augmentation and reduction and liposuction, as well as cardiovascular, brain and orthopedic surgical procedures. Oncology care, kidney dialysis, organ transplants and fertility treatments are also popular, affordable, and effective. Ensuring quality in pre-op, post-op, post discharge and follow-up care strategies ensure safety and effective treatment for citizens from Azerbajian as well as international medical travelers seeking the best in medical care options.

Turkey Offers Easy Access to Superlative Health Care
Because of Turkey's unique geographical location offering easy access from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the county provides a unique and easily accessible location for global travelers.  Azerbajian's citizens seeking care in Turkey may find world-class facilities, accommodations, health and wellness and medical spa as well as state-of-the-art and high-tech medical centers in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Ankara and other cities.

Azerbajian citizens may be assured that many of Turkey's hospitals and medical facilities are JCI (Joint Commissions International) accredited and many of her surgeons and physicians are trained at famous medical schools throughout the globe including Harvard and John Hopkins medical schools in the United States. Many Turkish physicians and surgeons are also U.S.- trained and board certified as well as experienced in the latest technologies and treatments.

Safety and quality of care is if the utmost importance to every individual, and Azerbajian people traveling to Turkey for medical treatment may be assured that they will receive excellent, experienced compassionate and affordable care in this ancient yet increasingly modern country that bridges borders, cultures and languages when it comes to health care.

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2010-05-05 / Updated on: 2022-03-24

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