In less than a decade, the medical tourism industry has morphed into a multibillion dollar business. Increasing numbers of travelers from the United States, Britain, Canada, as well as locations in the Middle East, South Africa and South America are traveling to international destinations for their health and wellness care. Why has medical tourism become so popular?

Understanding The Growing Need For Medical Care
The most important factors to quality medical care include accessibility, affordability, and convenience. Rising healthcare costs and the uncertainty of health care structures in the United States has prompted many Americans to travel beyond borders for more affordable medical care. Millions of Baby Boomers uncertain of their Medicare coverage are already seeking care outside U.S. borders for popular treatments in orthopedics, chronic illness care and cancer care.

Individuals in locations such as the Middle East, South Africa, and Central Europe are increasingly traveling to foreign destinations for more options in regard to access and medical care treatments and procedures than they receive in their country of origin.

Consumers are increasingly demanding quality care, options for such care, and accessibility to certified and accredited medical providers and facilities. Medical tourism meets those needs and can benefit individuals seeking everything from a nose job to cardiac surgery.

Why Is The Market Growing?
Thanks to the Internet, accessibility of information and resources and a growing understanding of medical tourism and healthcare options, individuals are able to access and research medical providers in foreign countries at the click of a mouse.

Medical resource providers such as PlacidWay offer individuals around the world a rich resource when it comes to accreditations, certification, transparent pricing, options for health practices and medical care treatments and procedures that may be enjoyed in foreign destinations in dozens of countries around the world.

Consumers today want:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality assurance and safety
  • Accommodations and travel support
  • Post-procedure recovery support services
  • Accessibility

In one year alone, over 400,000 international patients traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for medical care, while other destinations throughout the globe, including Croatia, Ukraine, and South Africa are growing in popularity. Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Japan continue to be market leaders in the medical tourism field, as is India, while growing numbers of exotic, beautiful destinations in Mexico and South America such as Costa Rica are following close behind.

Information technology enables international reviews of video feeds and offers unique techniques and capabilities in new diagnostic methodologies such as telemedicine, and facilitates capabilities for confidential electronic transfer of medical records, consultations, x-rays and image files between countries and medical providers.

Choosing a Medical Tourism Company
Medical tourism companies are growing at an even pace with increasing numbers of accredited and certified medical providers and facilities around the world. Choosing between them isn't always easy. When looking for a medical tourism company, look for the best in quality services. These services should include:

  • Transparent pricing - Look for medical providers who offer up-front or transparent cost ranges for a variety of treatments and procedures without having to jump through hoops, make phone calls, or be placed on someone's call list for such basic information.
  • Travel package offers - Medical tourism companies often enter into partnerships with foreign medical providers. Look for medical tourism companies that offer travel packages and support such as help in finding accommodations, arranging airport pickup and drop off, pre-procedure consultations and laboratory work, as well as post-treatment or postoperative care before traveling back home.
  • Resources and information - Search for medical providers that offer detailed information regarding a variety of medical conditions, treatments and procedures. Such information helps medical travelers make informed and educated decisions regarding their medical care and treatment options.
  • Qualifications - Medical tourism companies should offer information regarding the qualifications, experience, and training of medical providers in all medical fields for easy access by consumers.

Consumers today want more options and choices when it comes to their healthcare. Medical tourism companies need to make transparent information accessible to international travelers in regard to treatments, destinations, pricing and travel planning. The best medical tourism companies will do this, and more, to make medical tourism and global healthcare a viable, quality, and patient-entered focus of their services.

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