12 Effective & Affordable Stem Cell Clinics in Mexico ? Top Certified Centers

Stem Cell Clinics in Mexico comes with many options to provide the best and affordable regenerative therapy for local and foreign patients. Stem Cell Therapy appears as an alternative treatment to avoid further damage to health problems or in other words capable of providing significant improvement for patients.

According to Journal Therapeutic Use of Stem Cells in Mexico, Stem Cells can differentiate into the cellular lineages of the organism, which gives them a potential use for restoration of damaged tissue due to acute or chronic factors and immune diseases. Due to these properties, Stem Call has been research material in more than 6,700 clinical trials worldwide, including Mexico. Some popular Stem Cell Therapy options include Umbilical Cord Blood, Adult Stem Cell, Anti Aging Stem Cell, and Stem Cell for Knee, etc.

Here PlacidWay will compile to you 12 effective & affordable Stem Cell Clinics in Mexico, which able to provide high-chance of a positive result. Let?s move on to the list:

Stem Cell in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1. Immunotherapy - Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Treatment in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy presents regenerative medicine solutions based on proven medical innovation and research. 

2. MEDBIO: MEDBIO, located at Punta de Mita, of Mexico is a prominent Medical Centre that provides treatment solutions for antiaging, regenerative medicine, ozone therapy, among many others. 

Stem Cell in Chihuahua, Mexico

3. CMCells Centro Médico Celular: Stem Cell Treatment in Juarez Mexico by Cmcells Centro Médico Celular can provide you with the best Stem Cell therapy using the latest technology. 

Stem Cell in Mexico City, Mexico

4. MexStemCells Clinic: MexStemCells Clinic is a group of medical specialists in Cell Regeneration Therapy using Stem Cells. For more than 10 years the clinic's team, has researched and refined their Cell Regeneration and Regenerative medicine treatments for therapeutic purposes.

Stem Cell in Tijuana, Mexico

5. ProgenCell - Stem Cell Therapies: ProgenCell and their professional medical team, the health of patients with a degenerative disease has improved. Often ProgenCell has succeeded where other treatments have failed.

Stem Cell in Guadalajara, Mexico

6. Stem Health: Stem Health, formerly known as Centro De Biotecnologia Santer SC is located in Zapopan, Mexico. It was formed with a mission to be part of and work in an association of the prestigious Eduardo Mondlane University. 

7. DNA VITA Therapeutics: DNA VITA Therapeutics (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico) is currently focusing on the forefront of chronic degenerative disease therapy, employing one of the most promising areas within regenerative medicine: Advanced Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell in Monterrey, Mexico

8. REGENERART: Mexico?s Restaurart clinic is recognized as one of the best clinics that acquire a natural and innovative approach to medicine.

Stem Cell in Queretaro, Mexico

9. Centro De Ortopedia Regenerativa: Centro de Ortopedia Regenerativa improves and manages chronic degenerative diseases with medicine based on Biotechnology and Stem Cells. 

Stem Cell in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

10. PRMEDICA Inc: Since 2015 PRMEDICA has specialized in Biocellular Regenerative Medicine, and provides the latest advances in stem cell therapy and many other degenerative diseases. 

Stem Cell in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

11. Cabo Stem Cell Center: Cabo Stem Cell Center, located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a company whose mission is to offer cell therapy as an option regenerative and preventive treatment offering patients the best quality of products that are used in this type of treatments.

Stem Cell in Cancun, Mexico

12. GIOSTAR Mexico: For more than 15 years, GIOSTAR has been the leading Stem Cell company in the world, innovating the field of stem cell therapy with new procedures based on scientific research.

Price Comparison Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico Vs. Other Countries

Many people are heading to Mexico in the hope of getting Stem Cell Treatments with the right dose, thereby increasing the positive outcome they get. Moreover, Mexico is one of the most popular destinations in the world, which is able to provide quality regenerative therapy at affordable prices. You can see the price comparison of Stem Cell Cost in Mexico Vs. other countries through the table below:


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