PlacidWay Announces New Partnership with Fiji Islands

PlacidWay announces a new relationship in the Fiji islands. Launching PlacidFiji, PlacidWay, an international medical tourism services provider based in Denver, Colorado now offers more choices, destinations and medical providers for people from Fiji to destinations in the South Pacific.

The Fiji islands continue to be one of the most popular tourist destinations from vacationers around the world. Now, PlacidFiji, the South Pacific arm of Colorado-based PlacidWay, offers customers from the Fiji islands greater medical and healthcare delivery options and systems in nearby shore destinations such as New Zealand, Australia and India.

"Cardiac, orthopedic and cancer treatments and surgeries can be facilitated through PlacidWay's Fiji operations," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay. "Options for everything from affordable dental care to chronic illness care and organ transplants are now available to Fijians. The growing success of PlacidWay and our rapid expansion is the obvious desire and demand of medical consumers around the globe for more choices and options regarding their healthcare. We're here to facilitate their desires, and proud to develop this relationship with the people of Fiji."

The Fiji islands continue to be one of the ultimate exotic South Pacific vacation destinations in the world. Located just over 1,000 nautical miles northeast of the north island of New Zealand, the people of Fiji have been limited to local island care and medical health services for generations. "The new relationship between PlacidWay and the people of Fiji will offer our people the best in health care near our shores," says Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Head of PlacidFiji operations in Fiji Islands.

The inhabitants of the Fiji islands include indigenous Fijians and individuals of Chinese, European and Indian descent, and nearly 60% of inhabitants live in rural areas. With not quite one million inhabitants, Fiji is made up of a predominately Melanesians and Polynesian descendants, among other Pacific islanders, with a majority of its inhabitants practicing Christianity.

PlacidFiji will enable individuals located throughout the Fiji islands to travel to destinations including the north and south islands of New Zealand, Australia and India for excellent healthcare delivery systems and options beyond their borders. Treatments, procedures and surgeries not currently available to the inhabitants of the Fiji islands now have choices that meet their healthcare needs and desires.

"We're very excited to develop our new partnership with the people of the Fiji islands and are extremely proud and honored to facilitate their healthcare needs," concludes Goel. "Choices and options should be available to every consumer regarding their medical care, regardless of demographics, socioeconomic background or geography.  Taking care of self and family is of supreme importance to the people of Fiji, and it's important to us too."

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