Ekip Estetik Offers the Best of Turkey

If you're like thousands of others, you're considering some type of static or cosmetic surgery, but don't know where to turn.  Well, if you're up for a bit of adventure, a glorious vacation to one of the oldest cities in the world, and prepared to meet some of the best in cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques, training and experience, then read on.

Reliability Matters
Ekip Estetik is a classy, modern and well-respected aesthetic and cosmetic surgical facility in Istanbul, Turkey. Staff there is reliable, experienced and professional. With 30 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgical, aesthetic in cosmetic practices, staff at Ekip Estetik has always engaged in patient-centered care, compassion, and friendly services.

Staff at Ekip Estetik believes that every individual is unique, but we live in an environment that often pollutes our bodies. Our faces are one of the first things to change, often making us seniors older than we really are. We often lose our self-confidence and self-esteem. We lose our competitive "edge". At Ekip Estetik, staff brings an ascetic approach to the beauty in every one. The surgeons at Ekip Estetik consider themselves sculptors and artists, capable of wiping away years of wear and tear.

At Ekip Estetik, some of the finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the world consider it their job to carry you from your past into your future, much the same way Istanbul has stood the test of time through centuries of growth, development, and change. At Ekip Estetik, your doctor is happy to show you a mirror through which your inward and outward beauty shines and your self-esteem and self-confidence can grow.

Ekip Estetik Believes In Quality Care
Ekip Estetik employs only the finest staff, physicians and surgeons to meet the needs of international travelers seeking youth and beauty. Practicing, professional and teaching doctors and professors of plastic and aesthetic surgery and the anesthesiology are just one example of the experienced, highly trained and expert doctors in aesthetic and cosmetic surgical procedures at this facility.

Ekip Estetik offers dozens of different types of surgical procedures and techniques that are catered to individual needs. Pre-op and postoperative care and recovery is followed closely by experienced team and staff members. Ekip Estetik is so confident of their abilities that they strive for 100% satisfaction from the minute a client walks in the door until they have been fully discharged from services.

To make clients feel more comfortable, doctors and surgeons at Ekip Estetik discuss all details of the operation, what to expect before and after surgery, and the surgical goals of every individual.  Transparency, quality care, and patient rights are strictly adhered to at Ekip Estetik, which is ISO certified and works in conjunction with one of the largest hospital groups in Istanbul.

Your stay at Ekip Estetik offers state of the art surgical suites, and room comforts that have been designed through the experienced, professional and reliable qualifications of staff.

Touch Life and Feel the Beauty
Cleanse your body, your skin and your mind from the pollution found in our daily environment.  Put the troubles of the world behind you for a little while and enjoy the beauty of life and the reflection of beauty personified at Ekip Estetik. The human touch is part of every physician's approach to care at Ekip Estetik as well as aesthetic procedures that include techniques for face-lift surgery to liposuction. Remember that you are the master of every period of your life. Your body is unique. Enhance your presence and rejuvenate your body, creating a beautiful union between mind, body and spirit at Ekip Estetik.

Visiting Dynamic Istanbul
Istanbul is an ancient place, filled with history, architecture and masterpieces of development.  Over 700 years old, the city is one of the foundations of modern civilization. For hundreds of years, the city of Istanbul has acted as a symbol or bridge between the European and Asian continent, and between Eastern and Western cultures. 

There's always something to do and see in Istanbul, from the Ground Bazaar to the Bosporus, nearby islands and the Beyo?lu. Students from around the world attend universities in Istanbul, bringing their culture with them - from New York, Munich, to London, to Paris and Cairo. Istanbul is a city of history and change, offering continuous relationships between the past and the present.  Istanbul is calling you. Visit and experience the friendliness, dynamism and the heartbeat of Istanbul's pulse.

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