Costa Rica Health Travel Services offers world-class medical treatments, but they don't stop there. They have access to some of the best certified doctors in Latin America as well as access to excellent clinics and hospitals offering the latest in technological treatments, procedures and equipment.  

Costa Rica Health Travel Services is the only company in Costa Rica with the professionalism and expertise to deliver high quality one-on-one services to international travelers, and they take pride in offering services, products and solutions that go beyond client expectations.

Just one of the services provided by staff at Costa Rica Health Travel Services are cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and reduction, tummy tucks, liposuction, and remodeling and reconstructive plastic surgery. Julia, a young woman from the United States, knows firsthand the skills, compassion and expertise of providers at Costa Rica Health Travel Services.

Julia had been involved in a horrific car accident while vacationing. While her broken bones mended, her scars left a deep and lasting emotional toll on her. While Julia was certainly not what people would consider a vain person, she worked in the hospitality industry as a hotel representative. She felt self-conscious by the scars the accident left on her face, neck and hands.


Finding Help
Unfortunately, Julia didn't have medical health coverage, and was already deep in debt paying for the care she had received the year following the accident. However, every time she looks in the mirror, she was reminded of the accident and its immediate aftermath.  She decided to look for help.

Accessing, an international medical resource and provider, Julia did her homework and researched options for plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as restorative remodeling techniques and procedures available abroad. She asked plenty of questions, researched several facilities, and finally settled on the services provided by Costa Rica Health Travel Services, based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

She was grateful for the simplicity with which Costa Rica Health Travel Services offered her, including affordable prices, and a variety of accommodations and tourist options.  She felt comfortable with a guarantee that all clinics and hospitals were certified by the Joint Commission International accreditation organization, as well as other hospital and healthcare certification guidelines that ensured globally acceptable standards of care and excellence.

After gathering information regarding a quote on a medical package that her hospital stay, Julia's case was turned over to the case management team at Costa Rica Health Travel Services. She was able to directly e-mail her case manager and the surgeon who would perform the plastic surgery and scar free modification procedures she desired.  Everything was taken care of for Julia. Literally, all she had to do was get on the plane and travel to the beautiful, tropical and popular vacation destination.

Julia was met at the airport and taken to her hotel for check-in. Following that, she attended her first appointment, scheduled the same day, and she was accompanied to and from the hotel and her appointment by a coordinator provided by Costa Rica Health Travel Services.

Following the Procedure
Julia was more than happy with the progress of the surgery and her follow-up care.  Because her procedures required follow-up by the surgeon, she was placed in one of Costa Rica Health Travel Services' specially priced 'recovery hotels' following her surgery. Even after she returned home, Costa Rica Health Travel Services followed up with her recovery and answered any questions regarding her aftercare requirements and needs.

Needless to say, Julia is healing fine, and, nearly six months after the procedure, she can look in a mirror and smile again.