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Pericardiectomy Surgery in Bangalore India

What is Pericardiectomy Heart Surgery in India About?

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Pericardiectomy is an open cardiac surgery that requires the surgical removal of a part or all of the pericardium, also called pericardial stripping. The pericardium is a double-walled, membrane sac that surrounds the heart, protecting it from infections or other diseases.  

The most common reason for why a patient would need to have pericardiectomy cardiac surgery is constrictive pericarditis,  when the pericardium becomes stiff and calcified, causing heart swelling and other symptoms of heart failure like shortness of breath.

Will my heart function normally without the pericardium?

Your heart will continue to have a normal heart beat, because removing the pericardium does not cause problems, as long as the patient’s lungs and diaphragm (the large, dome-shaped muscle below the lungs involved in breathing) are intact.

Pericardiectomy cardiac surgery is an option when anti-inflammatory medications have failed or when the symptoms of constriction of the pericardium come on relatively quickly (within a few months).

Pericardiectomy - cardiac surgery in India, at Manipal Hospitals

This type of cardiac surgery is performed at Manipal Hospitals in India through an incision through the breastbone (sternum), allowing the Manipal cardiac surgeon to reach the heart, and remove the pericardium from the heart, wire the breastbone and ribs back together and close the incision with stitches. Other surgeons may use a throracotomy approach, however, a pericardiectomy cannot safely be done minimally invasively.

Manipal Hospitals experienced cardiothoracic surgeons can help you minimize the risks of the procedure to a minimum. Their experience and skills have been long acclaimed and appreciated throughout India and abroad.

Hospital stay required: five to seven days.

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Recovery after pericardiectomy cardiac surgery in India

You will be able to return to your normal activities when getting home, except for lifting.

Full recovery after pericardiectomy cardiac surgery requires six - eight weeks, depending on the seriousness the patient’s condition was before the surgery.  

You should see your cardiologist in your hometown for an EKG at around one month and a half after the cardiac surgery then at intervals decided by your surgeon and doctor.

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Who are the cardiac surgeons in India who perform pericardiectomy?

Pericardiectomy is performed at Manipal Hospitals by Dr. Devananda, who is one of the most famous cardiac surgeons in India, performing successful heart surgeries even on the youngest patients.

Manipal Hospitals Cardiothoracic surgeons team, led by Dr. Devananda performs around 300 pericardiectomies each year. His experienced team is comprised of heart specialists, including cardiologists, radiologists and other specialists who collaborate on diagnosing the cardiac problem and planning the most effective treatment or heart surgery.

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 The Package Estimate Includes:
1.  Bed charges for 6 days
2.  OT Charges
3.  OT  & Anesthesia Charges
4.  Professional Charges
5.  Basic Investigations charges for 6 days
6.  Oxygen, Ventilation & ICU stay within 6 days if needed.
7.  General medications.    


The cost mentioned is an approximation. The exact costs will depend on the patient’s general condition, stay in hospital & consumption of drugs.

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