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Sani Dental Group Los Algodones Mexico

Best Dental Crowns Prices in Los Algodones, Mexico

What is a Crown?

It is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. A crown may hold together parts of a cracked tooth and can be used to hold a bridge in place. Crowns also are used for cosmetic purposes to cover mishapen or badly discoloured teeth.

Crowns can be all metal, porcelain fused to metal or PFM or all ceramic porcelain. Metals include gold alloy or a based metal alloy. To place a crown, your dentist must reduce 1 - 2 mm. of the tooth to make room for it. Your dentist will then use a piece of thread or cord or use a laser to push the gum down around the tooth to take an impression of the tooth.

The impressions are sent to the lab where the crown is made, during that time you will have a temporary crown. These crowns are usually made of plastic and are made in your dentist office on the day of your visit.

Best Dental Crowns in Los Algodones Mexico

These crowns are virtually impossible to distinguish from real teeth. It has a translucency that is very similar to natural teeth. Light is reflected from a pure porcelain crown in much the same way than natural tooth. E-max is recommended only for front teeth.

The time for porcelain fused to metal crowns treatment is performed between 3 and 5 days depending in the specific condition of the patient, most of the time the treatment is done after 72 hours, this involves appointments of one to two hours each. The time required for E-max crowns is 4 days for the full procedure.

Dental Crown Cost in Mexico
  • All Metal Crown - $120
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown - $180
  • Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown - from $600
  • Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown - $340
  • Zirconia Crown - $450

The price includes:

  • Ground transportation from airport to clinic and back
  • For Hotel accommodation, we offer the best hotel in town Hacienda Los Algodones and  Cielito Lindo – rates as low as $60.00 per night exclusively for our patients
  • Free shuttle service between the clinic and hotel

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensively trained Doctors with more accumulated experience that any other clinic in Los Algodones.
  • Member of the ADA (American Dental Association).
  • We do not have a single doctor that does everything, if necessary,your dental treatment can be performed by one, two, three or more doctors. You will be seen by a specialist for each treatment you require.
  • Unlike other clinics or private practices, we rely on-site laboratory that gives us a great advantage, because you have your dentist and your lab technician in the same place and between them determines the most appropriate way to carry out the treatment.
  • Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing in dental Laboratory (Cad Cam Technology).

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