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Full Mouth All on 4 Nobel BioCare in Los Algodones Mexico- Best Dental Clinic

287 Alamo St., Baja California, Los Algodones, Mexico

Package Price : $8950

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Sani Dental Group

Location : 287 Alamo St., Baja California Los Algodones, Mexico

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Package Details

All on 4 Dental Implants in Los Algodones Mexico

Full Mouth All On 4 Nobel BioCare Dental Implants in Los Algodones, Mexico

If you have failing teeth, you know that it is not only an aesthetical problem but also a health one. Bad teeth can create numerous health problems all over the body and are responsible for bad breath and can even lead to depression. However, there is a solution.

Sani Dental Group, located in Los Algodones, Mexico, offers an affordable All on Four Nobel Dental Implants Package.

Multiple dental implant treatment is an ideal option if you are in the beginning stages of failing teeth. Even with good oral care, many adult patients face the loss of multiple teeth as they age. This causes, in many cases, problems in eating and chewing, lower self-esteem, and not to mention, holding back on the smiles and laughter that makes one express their emotions!

Replacing damaged or lost teeth are critical to maintaining oral health. The All-On-Four Nobel dental implants treatment can solve problems that are visible and invisible (under the gum).

What is the All on Four Nobel BioCare dental implant method?

The All-on-Four Nobel procedure was developed in the 1990s to rehabilitate the toothless upper or lower jaw with fixed prostheses.

During this procedure, four implants are placed in the jaw, a fixed prosthesis can then be fitted with twelve teeth immediately with this surgery.

How do All-on-4 Nobel BioCare dental implants compare to traditional implants?

All on Four Nobel dental implants procedure uses only four dental implants in the jaw bone, where traditional implants use anywhere from five to eight implants.

The All on Four Nobel procedure also increases support with the natural use of the bone by placing the posterior implants at an angle.

Traditional implants typically involve bone grafting, which can take up to six months. With the All-on-4 Nobel procedure for dental work, bone grafts are rarely needed, and the success rate is the same or, most of the time, better than traditional implants.

The All-on-Four Nobel dental implant in Los Algodones, Mexico saves you from additional surgery and discomfort, as well as time and money that may be spent on a traditional implant.

All on Four System by Nobel with fixed hybrid denture - $8,950

All on Four System by Nobel with fixed Zirconia Plate -$12,450

Full Mouth Restoration All on 4 Nobel Package Includes

  • Diagnosis consultation
  • CT scan and Panoramic X-Ray
  • Titanium Implants
  • Fixed temporary plate
  • Hybrid fixed denture
  • Surgical guide

Complimentary Travel Arrangements

  • 3 nights at the Hotel Hacienda Los Algodones or Cielito Lindo
  • 3 nights for each treatment stage
  • 4 shuttles from and to the Yuma Airport
  • Transportation between the clinic and the hotel

All on 4 dental treatments at Sani Dental Group are planned and performed using the NobelGuide treatment concept, ensuring the most accurate diagnostics, planning, and implant placement.

The NobelGuide Software allows Sani Dental Experts to provide detailed diagnostics such as identification of available bone, virtual implant placement according to the anatomical situation and prosthetic needs, and ordering of an individualized surgical template.

With All-on-4 dental implant treatment, Sani patients benefit from an immediate implant-supported restoration, as a provisional prosthesis is screwed onto the implants right after surgery.

Benefits of having the All on Four Nobel procedure 

  • No second trip. Within just a few days, a whole new set of teeth is implanted and ready to use.
  • Lower cost compared to single dental implants.
  • No need for bone grafts.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • The patient regains the ability to eat all types of food.
  • NO dietary restrictions
  • None of the frustrations of removable mouth appliances.
  • Long-term results that may last a lifetime.
  • A new youthful appearance through the stabilization of the bone level!

If you wish to fix your failing teeth once and for all, contact us and get a FREE quote for an All-on-Four Nobel Dental Implants procedure in Los Algodones, Mexico!

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