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Spine Surgery for Spinal Disc Hernia in Bangalore India

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Spine Surgery for Hernitaed Disc in Bangalore India

Spine Surgery for Herniated Disc

in Bangalore India

Do you feel pain in your spine? Do you experience discomfort and tingling sensation or numbness in your lower limbs? Do you find it difficult to walk? If your answers are yes, then you might be suffering from Lumbar Canal Stenosis. But do not worry, because Manipal Hospital in India offers a great treatment for your problem. 

Affordable Disc Decompression Surgery India

Microdisectomy Surgery

The surgery involves removal of the soft tissues to reach the sequestered disc in the spinal canal compressing the nerves and thus freeing the nerve(s) using microscopic vision and magnification. The patient needs to be hospitalized for about 2-3 days and then stay outside for another 5-7 days before heading back to homeland. The patient can walk on the same evening / on the day after surgery. The surgery is 99% safe and successful. There is less than 1% risk of infection, persistent symptoms, neurological deterioration, and need for re-operation.

Cheap Microdiscetomy Surgery in India

The Duration of stay in the Hospital:

2– 3 days
The Duration of stay outside the Hospital (Recovery Stay):
5-7 days
Cost Of Spine Surgery for Spinal Disc Herniation
The Estimate Includes:
  1. Bed charges          
  2. Clinical Lab Charges
  3. Professional Charges
  4. Nursing Charges
  5. Dietary Charges for the patient
  6. Operation Theatre charges
  7. Anesthetist charges  
  8. Procedure charges  
The Estimate Excludes:
  1. Stay outside the hospital, cost of the same is not included in the above estimate and is payable on actual.
  2. Special diet will be provided at additional cost.
  3. Any outpatient consultations and medicines which are required during the follow-up will not be a part of the estimate.
  4. The estimate cost is for the number of days indicated above, if situation demands to extend stay in hospital, the additional days stay would be charged accordingly.
  5. Special Investigations referred by other departments or if situation demands any additional investigation would be charged accordingly.

Manipal Hospital Bangalore India

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  • Our excellent team of doctors/medical specialists who are well versed with the latest advancements in their respective field of medical expertise.
  • Our teams of highly trained nurses and paramedical people.
  • Patient Centricity is a key tenet that we follow and which has won the goodwill and trust of our patients over the years.
  • Quality and affordable healthcare to the lesser privileged sections of our society.



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