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Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Package price starting from: $25000
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Bypass
Associated Center: Etiler Hastanesi
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Cheap Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey at Affordable Cost

Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Do you dream about losing those extra pounds and becoming healthy and good-looking? You can achieve that with the Gastric Bypass procedure! The Metabolic Surgery Clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and is renowned for successfully treating obesity, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Gastric Bypass surgery is aimed at reducing the patient?s stomach. At the same time, the procedure allows the food bowl (the amount of food ingested at one meal) to bypass a part of the small intestine. The fact that the food bowl avoids a portion of the small intestine is beneficial to those who want to lose weight, as it absorbs more calories. This extremely important intervention reduces the stomach size of an overweight patient. During the procedure, staples and tapes are used to shrink the stomach. Also, malabsorption processes take place; these processes cause the most food nutrients only to cross the body only. Most people who have gone through this experience, talk about how easy they managed to lose weight in the first 12 months after the intervention. A study on this issue revealed that, after surgery, individuals lost about a third of their body mass, during a period between one to four years.

Which type of weight loss surgery is best?

All types of weight loss surgery can help you lose a significant amount of weight, but they each have advantages and disadvantages.

For example:

  • you usually lose weight more quickly after a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy than after gastric banding
  • more people tend to achieve significant weight loss with a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy than with a gastric band
  • the risk of serious surgery complications is generally higher for a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy
  • gastric bands are removable, so the operation can be reversed if it causes serious problems

If you're considering weight loss surgery, talk to your surgeon about the different techniques to decide which is best for you.

Why Gastric Bypass? 

  • The patient?s who didn?t manage to lose weight through dieting and exercising

  • Those with a BMI (body mass index) of 40 and higher

  • Those with a BMI (body mass index) between 35 and 39.9, who have health problems that are related to the extra weight: type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure

    Gastric Bypass Cost Turkey:

The Metabolic Surgery Clinic offers a Gastric Bypass package that costs $25,000.


Best Gastric Bypass Packages in Turkey




Gastric Bypass Package

Istanbul, Turkey

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery


Metabolic Diabetes Surgery, Istanbul/Turkey Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Bypass

Benefits of Gastric Bypass:

  • Significant weight loss
  • Long term weight loss
  • Health status improvement
  • Improved longevity
  • Improved quality of life
  • Boost of self-esteem
  • Boost of self-confidence

Gastric Bypass in turkey cheap package


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