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Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery at Villa Donatello Italy

Package price starting from: $4600
Treatment: Eye/Lasik Care, Cataract Surgery
Associated Center: Villa Donatello
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Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery at Villa Donatello Florence, Italy

Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery at Villa Donatello Italy


Want a fast and painless surgery to correct your cataract? At Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy they can perform cataract surgery with a femtosecond laser, an innovative surgical technique that combines excellent precision and accuracy! Best of all, it is less traumatic for cataract patients.

The surgical goal of cataract femtosecond laser surgery is to replace and support features of the manual cataract surgery. These comprise the formation of the first surgical incisions in the cornea, creating another incision into the capsule of the crystal-like lens(capsulotomy), and the preliminary disintegration (breaking-up) of the lens.

With the advanced cataract laser technology at Villa Donatello, the incisions will be more accurate will be self-sealing at the end of the surgery, which also helps to reduce the risk of infection. The new cataract femtosecond laser surgery offers a newer level of precision in combination with improved patient comfort makes it an ideal solution for cataracts!

Recommended for patients who:

  • Those who have cataracts
  • Have blurred vision, clouded or cloudy vision
  • Those who complain about light sensitivity and dim colors

How much does it cost?   

At Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy, you can avail cataract laser surgery that is performed in one day only! Best of all, it does not require hospitalization. Villa Donatello guarantees that there will be a room for resting during surgery day. After the procedure, the patient must perform a check-up after 8 days.

The cost of Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery is $4,600 and it comprises:

  • pre-operative examinations
  • the femtosecond laser surgery
  • the daily rest in a first class hospital room
  • the lens

The only item not included is the cost of accommodations in a hotel, for which patients can consider approximately an 8 night-stay (the days between the surgery and the post-surgery check-up).

Advantages of Femtosecond Laser at Villa Donatello: 

  • Considered advanced over traditional cataract surgery & technology
  • Longer-lasting clear vision (at total distances using presbyopia-correcting IOLs)
  • Better placement of the lens during surgery
  • Decreased complaints of dry eyes
  • Quicker and better visual recoveries and acuities
  • Thinner and precise corneal flaps
  • Better surgical and visual outcomes
  • Improved safety profile for patients.

Try our new femtosecond laser surgery for Eye Cataracts only at Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy!

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