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Life Improving Knee Replacement Surgery in Guangzhou China

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Package Price : $12000

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Life Improving Knee Replacement Surgery in Guangzhou, China

Life Improving Knee Replacement Surgery in Guangzhou, China

It’s no secret: a healthy, active lifestyle requires good knees. And who doesn’t want to enjoy the freedom to move without struggling with pain? Injuries or osteoarthritis can affect your ability to flex and bend your knees, causing inflammation, damage and pain that get worse over time. One of the solutions to all these problems is the knee replacement surgery; and there’s an affordable package waiting for you in China!


Wu Jing Hospital is located in Guangzhou, China and, since it’s been founded, it became a leading provider of medical care both for international and local patients. Featuring the latest medical technology and offering modern treatments and personalized services, the hospital is also known for its safe, caring and friendly environment. The doctors are highly trained and experienced and focus on offering great results which end up in total patient satisfaction.

The knee replacement surgery repairs the damaged knee joint by replacing it with a prosthesis. It’s done under general or spinal/epidural anaesthesia. During the procedure, the part of the joint that is causing pain and stiffness is removed and replaced by the artificial joint. This is a long lasting solution, as the artificial joints last 20 years or more.


Knee replacement surgery is highly recommended for:


  • People with painful and stiff knees
  • Those who encounter difficulty in performing even the simplest daily activities
  • Those who tried other treatments with no success


Conditions that might make the knee replacement surgery an option:


  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Runner's knee


Wu Jing Hospital Knee Replacement Surgery in Guangzhou, China


What is the cost of knee replacement surgery?


At Wu Jing Hospital (Guangzhou, China) the knee replacement surgery costs $12,000 for one knee and $20,000 for both knees. The patients have to stay in the hospital for about 10-14 days, depending on each specific medical case.


Benefits of the knee replacement surgery:


  • Pain relief
  • Knee joint function improvement
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved quality of life


Kiss the pain goodbye and start moving again! Find out everything about the knee replacement surgery at Wu Jing Hospital! Contact us now!


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