Cancer Treatment Procedures in Istanbul Turkey

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Cancer Treatment Procedures in Istanbul, Turkey

Cancer Treatment Procedures in Istanbul, Turkey

Were you diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking for top notch, safe and affordable cancer treatment options? Read all about the cancer treatment procedures package available in Turkey.

NeoLife Oncology Center is located in Istanbul, Turkey and structured as a key oncological center where most up-to-date treatment protocols are applied for both local and international patients. The clinic focuses on supplementing the patients’ treatment programs with social and psychological support programs while the internationally renowned and experienced physicians, as well as other medical staff members use world-class technology to provide the best possible medical outcomes.

Cancer doesn't ask question: it can strike any individual, disregarding of gender or age group. Depending on the cancer type, various cancer treatments can be initiated in an effort to eradicate or kill cancer cells.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy are the most common types of treatments that battle multiple forms of cancer.

Chemotherapy consists in using certain medications in order to attack and kill cancer cells. Many people experience side effects like nausea, hair loss and weight loss while they're undergoing this treatment. However, new advancements in medicine have helped to reduce many of the side effects which were formerly associated with this chemotherapy. This treatment is used in situations when cancer has metastasized, or spread to other body areas.

Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation in order to damage/kill the cancerous cells. The healthy tissues located around the tumour are protected by angling the beams (radiation beams) and shooting them into the patient’s body so that they intersect with the tumour. This procedure is usually used together with chemotherapy, but it can also be undergone after the surgery in order to prevent tumour recurrence. 

Radiosurgery is a surgical procedure that consists in the usage of radiation; certain selected tissue areas are destructed by ionizing radiation.

Brachytherapy uses radioactive seeds, beads, or implants inserted into or near the tumours located into the prostate.  The radioactive seeds produce radiation exposure to the cancerous cells; they reduce radiation damage/exposure to the healthy tissues which surround the damaged prostate. 

Cost Package of Cancer Treatment Procedures in Neolife, Turkey

What is the cost of the cancer treatment procedures?

At NeoLife Oncology Center (Istanbul, Turkey), the cancer treatment procedures have the following approximate costs:

  • Radiotherapy + brachytherapy + chemotherapy: $16,965 - $20,360
  • Radiosurgery:$7,920 - $11,310
  • Radiotherapy:$10,180 - $16,965
  • Brachytherapy:$5,655 - $9,050
  • Chemotherapy (1 cycle):$680 - $1,700
  • Consultation (med onc, rad onc): $170 - $230.

Benefits of the cancer treatment procedures:

  • Positive results are often enjoyed through the use of the cancer treatment procedures
  • If cancer is diagnosed on time, the treatments encourage eradication of the tumours and cancerous tissues and commonly result in a positive prognosis
  • Give patients struggling with cancer the possibility of diminishing or eradicating tumours and cancerous tissues.

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