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Top Notch Prostate Cancer Treatment Package in Bad Worishofen Germany

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Top Notch Prostate Cancer Treatment Package in Bad Worishofen Germany

Top Notch Prostate Cancer Treatment Package in Bad Worishofen, Germany

Prostate cancer is formed in the prostate's tissues (a gland of the male reproductive system located in front of the rectum and under the bladder). Symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulty in urination, waking at night to urinate several times, feeling that you must urinate right away can be a sign of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Overview

The clinic usually recommends the following treatment:

1. Liquid biopsy and sensitivity tests, to see which drugs effectively eradicate the cancer cells. This comprises conventional chemo agents as well as herbals and biologicals.

2. According to the results of the test above systemic treatment, chemo agents will be applied with 15% of normal concentration as an IPT (Insulin potentiated therapy). This is a very safe procedure without serious side effects. Herbals and biologicals will be applied as infusions.

3. To sensitize the cancer cells, this procedures will by combined with metabolic inhibitors (they shut down the energy production in the cancer cells) and Antisense (this procedure is capable of switching crucial genes in the cancer cells on Stand-By).

4. Photodynamic Treatment: local procedure to fight one tumour. After the infusion of a nontoxic but light-sensitive drug, this drug accumulates specifically in the cancer cells. At that point, the Photosensitizer gets activated with a laser (small catheter, similar to the ones used for drawing blood). The laser would be applied transurethral. Due to the size of the tumour, this might have to be done several times.

5. As often as possible, all the procedures mentioned above should be combined with a local hyperthermia treatment at the same time.

Benefits of the Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • The treatment process provides successful results (most of the times)
  • The recovery period is quick
  • The complication risk is low

Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Bad Worishofen, Germany

Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment

At Sanomni Health (Bad Worishofen, Germany) the prostate cancer package’s total price starts from $12,712 and consists in several procedures with the following individual costs:

  • Liquid Biopsy: from $2,763
  • Antisense: from $2,210
  • IPT*: from $994 (depending on the drug)
  • Metabolic Inhibitors*: from $243
  • General Fees: from $331
  • GCMAF (/month): from $596
  • Infusion (Herbals, Biologicals)*: from $442 (depending on the drug)
  • PDT*: from $4,974
  • Local Hyperthermia*: from $154

*will be repeated according to the size of the tumour or metastatic lesions

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