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The Best Stem Cell Treatment for Fertility in Asia

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The Best Stem Cell for Fertility Treatments in Asia

Infertility is the inability of a person to reproduce and is a source of stress in marriage if you dream of making a family. It can affect both women and men, and it involves a number of problems like low sperm count, erectile dysfunction when talking about men and ovulatory disorders and hormonal depression with women. The ovulatory disorder is the most common reason why women can't conceive.

Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Stem cell treatment for fertility is a breakthrough treatment and is gaining popularity rapidly. 

Asia is the most attractive destination for this kind of treatment, with its series of discoveries in this field of medicine is leading in this race for life and family. Also, is known for incredibly talented doctors and professional staff that will make your stay at clinic easier and more enjoyable.

Stem Cell for Fertility Treatments in Asia






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Beijing, China

ReLife International Medical Center

From 19,500 USD

3 weeks of treatment
One room for the patient and 1-2 accompanying family members
Airport pickup and transfer to clinic

Travel expenses

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Seoul, South Korea

97.7 BnH Hospital

From  20,000 USD per session

2 days of treatment per session
Airport-hospital-airport transfer

Travel expenses

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Benefits of Stem Cell for Fertility Treatments

  • High telomerase activity
  • Avoiding allogeneic immune rejection
  • Reducing the risk of tumorigenicity

PlacidWay can help you access some of the best Stem Cell Therapy clinics in Mexico. Contact us and find out which are the best options for you!

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