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Package Price : $357

Treatment :Dentistry

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Dental Veneers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dental Veneers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dental veneers are one of the most appreciated and aesthetic dental solutions as they are able to completely transform and improve the patient's smile.

Dental veneers are delicate, thin layers of porcelain used for tooth restoration. They are used to correct various aesthetic imperfections such as dental gaps, dental crowding, stained teeth, anesthetically shaped or proportioned teeth, dental traumas, cavities or unevenly textured or asymmetrical teeth.

Benefits of dental veneers

  • Fast results
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Easy to maintain results
  • Stain resistant
  • Unnoticeable
  • The patient can choose whatever shade of white he/she wishes
  • Offer teeth aesthetics and functionality

Cost, inclusions and exclusions

At Armenta Dental Studio the price for dental veneers starts at $357.


  • Transportation- pick-up drop off to/from airport and hotel transfers
  • Hotel stay (as required)
  • Case Manager Assistance


  • Airfare

Why choose Armenta Dental Studio?

  • Customized dental treatment and personalized service
  • Latest technology equipment
  • Carefully selected medical team, dedicated to their profession
  • Highest industry standards of sterilization and cleanliness maintained
  • 24 hour emergency call service

If you want to learn more about the dental veneers offered by Armenta Dental Studio, please contact us!

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