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Best Sleeplessness and Stress Management in Mysore, India

Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3, Ittigegud, 570 010 Mysore, India

Package Price : $409

Treatment :Ayurveda

By : Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Location : Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3, Ittigegud Mysore, India 570 010

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Best Sleeplessness and Stress Management

in Mysore, India

Humans are naturally diurnal – that is they tend to sleep at night and be awake during the day which can play havoc if you have shift working times.

However, work often requires people to work longer hours or work shifts. This can carry a risk of an impact on health. Corporate Health can advise employers on shift patterns and compliance with the Working Time Directive.

Corporate Health can also administer night worker assessments.


The following therapy package helps you to overcome these problems!!

3 Night / 4 Days Package Includes

  • Mysore pick up & drop      
  • Check in – 12.00 noon: Check out – 11. am.
  • IVAC campus tour     
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Accommodation for Three nights
  • All Meals (Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner)
  • Package Starts with Lunch & ends with Breakfast
  • Two session of Abhyanga & Sweda
  • Two  Session of Shiro Dhara
  • Any one  Session of Basti
  • Any onr Beauty Therapies
  • One  Session of Netratarpana
  • Three sessions of Yoga     


Note: These treatments are indicative and are subject to change on Doctor’s Consultation. Treatments are prescribed according to the body constitution of the individual.

Add the glow of good health and peace of mind...


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