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Are you worried about heart health?

Has your doctor told you that you have dangerously high cholesterol?

Have you experienced periods of shortness of breath, lightheadedness or a pounding heart with slight exertion?

If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of blocked, narrowed or clogged arteries.

An angiography is a very effective diagnostic procedure that literally takes x-ray pictures of the heart chambers and blood vessels. It's often recommended for any individual experiencing chest pain, as well as those recently recovering from a heart attack or other cardiac episode or abnormality. If your doctor suspects you have a heart defect or if you're scheduled for any type of heart surgery, you'll likely undergo an angiography.

Treatment Plan
A coronary angiography is also called an angiogram, pictures of the heart muscle obtained by injecting special dyes into the blood stream that show up on x-rays. These diagnostic methods help doctors:

  • Detect cardiac abnormalities
  • Measure your blood supply
  • Find heart abnormalities
  • Determine heart valve functions.

Cardiac angiography is also considered a therapeutic procedure, often employed to repair heart defects, open blocked arteries and heart valves.

Angiography literally takes pictures of the working heart muscle as its beating. These pictures from inside the heart help your doctor measure and rate blood flow as it travels through the valves and major arteries of the heart, and to pinpoint areas of damage caused by heart disease or stroke.

The angiography procedure is completed through a process called catheterization:

  • An area inside the groin is numbed with a topical anesthetic
  • A very small incision is made into an artery or vein in the upper leg
  • A catheter wire is placed into the incision and threaded through the blood vessels that lead to the heart.

Once the catheter reaches the heart, and depending on which area of the heart your doctor wishes to inspect, contrast materials are then injected via the catheter. Instant and detailed pictures are then displayed on a monitor or screen in the procedure room. In addition, the tip of the catheter is fitted with electrodes that can determine blood flow, volume, pressure, volume, and overall function of the heart muscle. This procedure takes between 45 minutes and an hour.

Preoperative and Postoperative Care
The procedure is quick, painless and does not require a long recuperation. Before the procedure, you may be asked to:

  • Refrain from eating or drinking for several hours prior to the procedure, usually no more than 8 to 12 hours. 
  • Lie down on your back on and x-ray table that may or may not be tilted.  You'll lie on the table while x-ray cameras are adjusted and positioned to take pictures of your chest from a variety of angles. You'll be awake during the procedure, and medical staff will monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen flow.

Following the procedure, you'll be taken to a recovery room and monitored for several hours.  You may spend the night in a hospital if a stent or other procedures such as angioplasty have been performed. Others may go home the same day of the procedure. You'll be instructed to drink fluids to help rid the body of the special contrast dye. Your physician will instruct you regarding resumption of medications, and let you know when you can return to normal activities and work.

Risk and Complications
Even though a coronary angiogram is an extremely minimally invasive procedure, risks should be discussed. Some of the most common risks involved in coronary angiography include:

  • Infection
  • Tears or injury in the catheterized artery or the heart muscle
  • Irregular heart rhythm, known as arrhythmia
  • Allergic reaction to the contrast die or other medications utilized during the procedure
  • Bleed or blood clots
  • X-ray radiation exposure
  • Kidney damage

Who Should Consider Coronary Angiography?
You may be asked to undergo an angiography if you've experienced undetermined or undiagnosed chest pain. Those recovering from cardiac episodes or events, including heart attack, may also undergo the procedure to determine what, if any, damage has occurred to the heart muscle. A coronary angiography may also be suggested when heart abnormalities or malfunction are suspected.

In addition, your doctor may suggest a coronary angiogram if you are experiencing unstable angina, or increasing or new chest pain, symptoms of coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects or diseases, heart failure, or unexplained pain in the arm, neck, jaw or chest.

Price Range

Hospital Stay Total Cost
1 day $ 600

Destinations for Coronary Angiography

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