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Affordable 30-Session Ozone Therapy by HICC in Makati, Philippines

Package price starting from: $2800
Treatment: Alternative Medicine, Ozone Therapy
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Affordable 30-Session Ozone Treatment in Makati, Philippines by HICC

Ozone Therapy in Makati, Philippines

Affordable 30-Session Ozone Therapy by HICC in Makati, Philippines 

Ozone therapy is capable to treat a variety of conditions. It is not just effective to enhance anti-aging but provides numerous other benefits. We rely heavily on antibiotics for the treatment of various illness. These antibiotics kill the bad flora in our body along with the good ones. Thus, the antibiotics help to get relief from some infections, but at the same time, it greatly weakens the immune system. Ozone therapy increases the oxygen level in the blood, which helps our body in the healing process positively and boosts the immune system as well.

Ozone Therapy at HICC

Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC) in Makati, Philippines now brings the best Ozone Therapy program. Their 30-session Ozine Therapy can provide innumerous benefits. This medical therapy is composed of a mixture of ozone and oxygen. It has a very strong effect of oxidation and formation of free radicals owing to its fungicide, virucide and bactericide nature. There is a strong presence of an antimicrobial agent in this therapy that can be used to reduce microbial load, purify water and disinfect equipment. You can inhale ozone in the form of ozonated oil, dissolve in water or apply as gas.

High Dose Ozone Therapy

HICC provides Major Autohemotherapy (MAH), which is a high dose ozone therapy form. In this procedure, 100 to 200 ml blood is drawn from the patient’s body and mixed with an equal volume of ozone/oxygen concentration and then re-inserted to the body of the patient.

What is the Cost of 30-Session Ozone Therapy at HICC?

At HICC, you have to pay PHP 146,250 for 30 Sessions, which is estimated to be around $2,800 approx.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy at HICC, Makati, Philippines

Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC) works with highly trained and internationally certified experts of ozone therapy. These certified ozone practitioners are fully capable and competent to do all techniques of Ozone Therapy. Moreover, to ensure great accuracy, these experts use the certified and recommended ozone generators only. The key benefits of ozone therapy include:

  • Prevents premature aging, arthritis, MS, strokes, degenerative diseases among many
  • Combats anxiety, depression, tiredness and chronic fatigue
  • Relieves muscle aches and pains
  • Speed up chemo and radiation treatment, athletic recovery and healing of wounds
  • Fights infections, herpes, lung disorders and more
  • Energizes all cells in your body
  • Corrects blood pressure, memory loss, dizziness and faulty metabolism
  • Improves and enhances brain function, heart function, digestion, circulation, etc.
  • Burns excels sugar and fat
  • Stops all cancer cells

In addition, ozone cleanses liver, strengthens the immune system, destroys harmful microorganisms and does numerous things that are beneficial for health.

Why Choose HICC?

HICC offers a multi-dimensional approach to patients with customized services as per the mind, body, spirit and all other aspects. HICC utilizes conventional and alternative approaches to treatment for more effective results. The medical team considers patients to be partners and involve them in every decision-making in the process of assessment and healing. Patients can choose from the extensive treatments available and decide what they think would suit their needs. HICC considers all factors to give optimal health, wellness and improved quality of life to the patients.

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