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HICC Brings the Best Life-Saving Chelation Therapy in Makati, Philippines

Package price starting from: $500
Treatment: Alternative Medicine, Chelation Therapy
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Best Life-Saving Chelation Therapy in Philippines

Chelation Therapy in Makati, Philippines

HICC Brings the Best Life-Saving Chelation Therapy in Makati, Philippines 


According to a report, 31% of all global deaths are caused due to cardiovascular events. Out of the cardiovascular diseases, 53% of deaths occur because of coronary heart disease and 17% are due to strokes. All these are clogged artery consequences that decrease the blood supply. This may result in the stoppage of blood flow in an area leading to the death of cell. When there is a blockage in the brain, we call it stroke; while blood supply blockage in the heart is heart attack. 

Why Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is the process of removing heavy metals in the body. The presence of toxic metals in the body such as aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury iron may lead to several diseases. In addition, numerous studies proved that Chelation can be used as the main alternative to angioplasty or bypass surgery. As it reduces oxidative stress, it may effectively reverse atherosclerosis. It can also decrease blood clotting, lower blood pressure and serum calcium in the body reducing the possibilities of heart attack and/or stroke. Chelation therapy has also been proven to decrease the risks of Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, claudication, angina, gangrene among others.

Chelation Therapy- The Process

Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) medication dose is delivered into the bloodstream of the patient through an intravenous (IV) line. To deliver via the oral route, dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) medication is administered. In the bloodstream, these medications bind to excess minerals and create a compound, which exits from the body through urine. 
Calcium and other minerals along with heavy metal deposits clog the arteries. Chelation therapy can assist to remove this clog along with the support of exercise and a healthy diet. 

Chelation Therapy at HICC

At HICC, he latest technologies in chelation practices ever developed through constant training outside of the country and utilizing only international protocols for safety and efficacy. Their IV Chelation Therapy has been proven safe and effective over the course of sixty years of trials and clinical usage. The FDA recognizes chelation therapy for the treatment of acute heavy metal poisoning of either lead or mercury.

What is the Cost of Chelation Therapy?

At HICC, you have to pay PHP 25,600 for 5 Sessions, which is estimated to be around $500 approx.

Benefits of Chelation Therapy at HICC, Makati, Philippines

Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC) works with highly trained and internationally certified experts of Chelation therapy. These certified practitioners are fully capable and competent to do all techniques of Chelation Therapy. The key benefits of Chelation therapy include:

  • Improves heart health
  • Increases immune system and antioxidants
  • Unclogs blood vessels
  • Fights cognitive disorders
  • Helps pain and swelling
  • Lowers risk of learning disabilities
  • Boosts anti-aging effects and energy
  • Improves taste, vision and taste
  • Prevents or reverses hardening of the arteries
  • Lowers insulin requirements in a diabetic
  • Relieves leg muscle cramps
  • Improves kidney functions, dissolves kidney stones
  • Improves the condition of patients suffering from Autism and Alzheimer's disease
  • Reduces serum iron levels
  • Beneficial in prostate enlargement and prostate cancer

Why Choose HICC?

HICC offers a multi-dimensional approach to patients with customized services as per the mind, body, spirit and all other aspects. HICC utilizes conventional and alternative approaches to treatment for more effective results. The medical team considers patients to be partners and involve them in every decision-making in the process of assessment and healing. Patients can choose from the extensive treatments available and decide what they think would suit their needs. HICC considers all factors to give optimal health, wellness and improved quality of life to the patients.

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