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Low-Cost Full Mouth Restoration Los Algodones, Mexico $8,120

Package price starting from: $8120
Treatment: Dentistry, Full Mouth Restoration
Associated Center: Art of Dentistry
Calzada Saratoga Street No. 281, Mexico
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Full Mouth Restoration by Art of Dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico

Full Mouth Restoration by Art of Dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico

Full mouth reconstruction is an excellent way to make your smile whole again! It includes a range of treatments to repair and replace your teeth along the upper and lower jaws.

This all-encompassing treatment plan provides complete smile transformation and recovers oral health. Art of Dentistry helps you customize your treatment plan to get rid of the dental issues you are currently facing. The treatment includes dental implants, bridges, dentures, or dental crowns.

Patients suffering from extensive tooth damage or tooth loss or cracked, chipped or improperly angled teeth require full mouth reconstruction. It helps patients suffering from medical conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. Patients will be able to have a beautiful and healthy smile after the reconstruction. Additionally, people suffering significant teeth loss due to trauma or improper care are recommended for full mouth reconstruction.

No matter which treatments you require to restore your smile, Art of Dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico offers you the highest-quality treatment. Read the details of the best Full Mouth Restoration package below:

Full Mouth Restoration Cost Los Algodones, Mexico

What is the Cost of Full Mouth Restoration?

The average cost of Full Mouth Restoration procedures is around $8,120 USD. Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory reports analysis.

Country Procedure Cost
United States Full Mouth Restoration $15,000 - $45,000
Canada Full Mouth Restoration $96,000
Los Algodones, Mexico Full Mouth Restoration $8,120

Length of Stay: Same day procedure, (2-3 visits)

Note: The length of stay depends on the patient’s health condition and the complexities associated with the chosen procedure.


  • Pre and post-operative consultations
  • Digital X-rays
  • All clinic fees
  • All medical fees and doctor fees
  • 1 Night Hotel
  • Shuttle Free from Airport Yuma, AZ / El Centro, CA


  • More than 2 days Hotel or recovery house
  • Preoperative lab work (CT Scan)
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • Dental set up model testing
  • Implant testing

Note: The laboratory tests are done at least 1 day prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment Options: Cash, credit card, American Check, Bank Transfer

Note: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to book the surgery.

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

  • Full Mouth Restoration targets dental problems like dental decay caused by the accumulated plaque and prevents serious tooth decay.
  • It prevents periodontal disease and gum disease.
  • It makes the dental structure more resilient and stronger.
  • It enhances the strength of the structures in the mouth, which includes jaw bone, joints,s, and gums.
  • It offers better overall health and dental wellbeing by addressing oral health problems such as dental decay, periodontal disease, and TMJ disorder.
  • Patients gain improved confidence and self-esteem.

Why Choose Art of Dentistry?

  • World-class dental care
  • Latest equipment
  • Best affordable priced dental packages
  • Best quality materials
  • Safe procedures
  • Qualified and experienced medical staff for patients' well-being and happiness
  • Complete patient satisfaction
  • Satisfactory treatment follow-up

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