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Stem cell Treatment by Good Cells

Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis & Arthrosis by Ilaya in Kiev, Ukraine

Ivana Kramskogo street, Kyiv, Ukraine

Package Price : $11000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : Stem cell Treatment by Good Cells

Location : Ivana Kramskogo street Kyiv, Ukraine

Focus Area: Stem Cell Therapy | Arthritis Treatment | Arthrosis Treatment | Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis | Kiev | Ukraine

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Package Details

Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis & Arthrosis in Kiev, Ukraine

Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis & Arthrosis by Ilaya in Kiev, Ukraine

Arthritis and Arthrosis are among the most common problems that affect joints. However, both are different diseases, as arthritis only affects the joints, whereas arthrosis implies an inflammatory process throughout the body. Metabolic disorder, abnormalities in the immune system or infection can cause inflammation. This, it not just affects joints but also certain internal organs like the heart, kidneys and liver. There is also a difference in the age group of people who are usually affected by these diseases. Arthritis usually affects people before 40 years of age, while arthrosis affects older people. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Cracking in your joints
  • pain
  • Stiffness and decreased mobility
  • deformation
  • Psoriasis
  • Joint inflammation, which can also be accompanied by:
  • increased temperature
  • Inflammation in eye
  • Excessive sweating or chills
  • weakness
Get the best stem cell treatment for arthritis and arthrosis by Ilaya in Kiev, Ukraine. This treatment will help you feel the freedom of movement again and enjoy life as you did before. The treatment will help you to avoid prosthesis and easier management of arthritis and total recovery.

What Problems can be Addressed by this Stem Cell Program?

Major problems that can be addressed with Ilaya's Stem Cell Program for Arthritis and Arthrosis are:
  • Inflamed cartilage
  • Limited range of motion
  • Recurring joint pain 
  • Sports injuries

Ilaya's team is 100% sure of the programs’ effectiveness, and guarantee you will receive a real effect. After three, six, nine and twelve months of your treatment, they will provide follow-up and consultations with your doctor whenever needed.

What is the Price of Ilaya's Stem Cell Program for Arthritis and Arthrosis?

The price of the program starts from $11,000. The treatment takes usually from 3 to 7 days (depending on the stage of disease).

Package Includes:

  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • Transfers from/to clinic
  • Accommodation 
  • Medical evaluation and consultation
  • Pre - and posttreatment examinations
  • MRI of the knee joints and additional examinations if needed, Cardiac Exam
  • Stem cell treatment with Adult Stem Cells(80-100M)- IV drip infusions and/or a Stem cell injection to affected joint (under local anesthesia).
  • Medical service (including medication if needed& special massages, hospital stay in a single room)
  • Special nutrition plan
  • Medical reports
  • Follow up after treatment

Why Choose Ilaya for Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine?

  • High-quality facilities
  • High success rates
  • Expert doctors
  • No surgery, rehabilitation or side-effects
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