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Vaser Liposuction Procedure Package in Bangkok Thailand

454 Charasanitwong Road, Bang-Aoh, 10700 Bangkok, Thailand

Package Price : $2000

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : Yanhee Hospital

Location : 454 Charasanitwong Road, Bang-Aoh Bangkok, Thailand 10700

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Vaser Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand


Vaser Lipostuction Procedure in Bangkok, Thailand

Vaser LipoSelection or Z-lipo is a modern body contouring procedure with minimal invasive fat removal. It gives excellent inch loss in a short time and provides patients with the sculpted body they have always wanted.

The procedure uses the cutting edge ultrasound technology, Vibation Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance which breaks down fat cells and then removing them through a suction process.

Benefits of vaser liposuction

  • Safely removes fat that is hard to lose through dieting and exercising
  • It’s ideal for both men and women
  • Sculpts specific body areas, providing a defined, natural look
  • Reduces cellulite or improves its appearance
  • Lift patient’s self esteem and self confidence

Cost, inclusions, exclusions

At Yanhee Hospital the price for the IVF procedure starts at $2,000 per area.


  • Procedure
  • Consultation
  • Airport pick-up
  • 1 night hospitalization


  • Travel expenses

Why choose Yanhee Hospital?

  • High satisfaction rate among patients.
  • Highly experienced cosmetic surgeons.
  • A center that specializes in BEAUTY.
  • “One-stop shop” for beauty.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing.
  • Package pricing scheme is most ideal and convenient for medical travelers.
  • Hospital personnel with a personal touch.
  • Interpreter/translator services without extra charges.
  • English-speaking personnel at every counter and department.
  • Continuous pursuit for QUALITY according to the highest standards.


If you want to find out more about the Vaser Liposuction procedure offered by Yanhee Hospital, please contact us!

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