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Endoscopic Discectomy / Herniated Disc Surgery in Bursa/İstanbul, Turkey

Package price starting from: $5750
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At some time in their lives, 80% of people report having low back discomfort. Herniated discs are one of the most typical causes of low back pain, which is a fairly frequent issue. Particularly in the lower back and legs, a herniated disc can produce intense pain, numbness, or paralysis. When surgical intervention is necessary, a new era has begun with closed lumbar hernia surgery.

The surgical method for treating lumbar hernias has been routinely utilized for many years and is called microdiscectomy. A 2 cm incision is typically used during microdiscectomy procedures. The muscle tissue is torn off the bone by entering via the incision that has been made. To access the spinal canal, some bone tissue must be removed.

On the other hand, endoscopic discectomy (closed herniated disc surgery) has grown in favor recently since it is carried out through a smaller incision (with an 8 mm incision) without removing bone tissue or taking away muscle tissue.
Less discomfort and a quicker recovery are possible following closed herniated disc surgery because it results in less injury to the soft and skeletal tissues.

The price of Endoscopic Discectomy / Herniated Disc Surgery is $ 5,750.

The price includes,

• Consultation

• Pre-op Blood Tests

• Pre-op ECG

• Pre-op and post-op MRIs, X-Rays, CTs

• Materials (Brand: MedTronic)

• 5 days hospitalization

• Doctor follow-ups

•Nursing services

• Room fees

• Transfers between Airport-Hospital (round trips)

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