Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Mysore, India

Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3, Ittigegud

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Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Welcome to Indus Valley Ayurveda Center Come and discover authentic Ayurveda in the spiritual heart of India. Nestled at the foot of Chamundi Hill with views of Lalitha Mahal palace, come rest and renew in our Ayurvedic estate. Surrounded by lush vegetation and filled with birdsong. Let our panel of Vaidyas custom make a program to suit your needs. Come and find your inner bliss. Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre is a unique award winning Ayurvedic clinic and spa resort in Mysore, India, offering traditional therapeutic rejuvenation and beauty treatments, designed by a highly experienced panel of Vaidyas (doctors) who have practiced Ayurveda in Germany, UK, USA, Japan as well as in India. The Centre is the first ISO (9001-2000) Certified Ayurvedic and Rejuvenation Health Care Centre in the world. IVAC is also the first member of Medical Tourism Association as an Ayurvedic Spa and Clinic. The finest facilities provided and hygiene maintained at IVAC impresses Read More

Indus Valley Ayurveda Center Pricings:

Weight Loss Program Procedure Details Price in USD
Ayurvedic Massage Whole body massage+steam $34
Exercise Udvartana-weight loss treatment $60
Ayurvedic Massage Deep tissue massage- Padaghata $46
Herbal Treatments Oil drip treatment-Shirodhara $32
Herbal Treatments Grithadhara - Medicated ghee drip treatment $32
Herbal Treatments Takradhara - Buttermilk drip treatment $32
Herbal Treatments Ksheeradhara - Medicated milk drip treatment $32
Ayurvedic Massage Shirobhyanga- Head & neck massage $26
Ayurvedic Massage Padabhyanga - Foot & leg massage $26
Ayurvedic Massage Mukhabhyanga - Face massage $26
Ayurvedic Massage Netra Tarpana - Treatment for eye strain $26
Ayurvedic Massage Kati - Treatment for lower back pain $26
Ayurvedic Massage Greeva - Treatment for neck pain $26
Ayurvedic Massage Janu - Treatment for knee pain $26
Ayurvedic Massage Chakra - Treatment for stomach disorders $26
Ayurvedic Massage Hrid - Treatment for chest problems $26
Herbal Treatments Facial-beauty treatment $32
Herbal Treatments Pedicure $32
Herbal Treatments Manicure $32
Herbal Treatments Hair Treatment $32
Ayurvedic Massage Navarakizhi (SSPS),Advanced, luxurious massage $112
Ayurvedic Massage Patra Pinda Sweda (PPS),Advanced, luxurious massage $112
Ayurvedic Massage Kashayasekha,Luxurious decoction treatment $112
Herbal Treatments Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil) ,Oil drip for entire body $148
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