Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand

301 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Road, Km. 143, Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand 20150

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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was founded on 23rd  June 1990 in Pattaya, a holiday destination by the sea, which has grown to become probably the most popular of Thailand’s holiday destinations and located in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, Chonburi province. It is one of the 19 locations run by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the Bangkok Hospital Group and is the Main Referral Hospital for Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

Since 1990, we have been growing to become a 400 beds facility and the center of Specialized Healthcare which provides all necessary diagnostic and curative services.

We are the first hospital in the Eastern Region with all these technologies, equivalent to those in the major hospitals in Bangkok.

For the past 21 years, we also have been a center of continuously strived for excellence. This led us to recruit more than 100 full time specialists currently active in our hospital, made us invest in modern high-tech medical equipment to help those specialists to make accurate diagnoses and to help them give the best currently available treatments to our patients. These include:

  • MRI scan
  • 64-slice CT scan
  • OCT scan (for retinal tomography)
  • PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)
  • Completely electronic patient record

On top of that, to create more convenience and a comfortable atmosphere for our customers, the area of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was expanded from 5 to 9 acres (or 20,800 square meters to 36,800 square meters) and since November 2006 a new 15 storey building was added to the original complex.

Not only our hospital changed, but also Pattaya is continuously changing for the better, more and more becoming a world renowned family tourist destination and preferred "retirement destination".

Awards and Accreditations
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has received the following awards and accreditations

  • Joint Commission International (JCI) : 2009
  • Medical Tourism Website Transparency Award : 2009
  • The Asian Hospital Management Award : 2006 
  • The Asian Hospital Management Award : 2005
  • The Asian Hospital Management Award : 2004
  • Received the Hospital Accreditation in 2004 
  • Received the Prime Minister's Export Award for excellent medical and health services provided to international patients in 2003
  • Received Superbrands Thailand in 2003
  • Received the ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation in 2003

These awards are the result of the effort of the administrators, the physicians and all staff Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. We will continue developing our medical service standards and quality to be one of the best health care providers in Thailand and south-east Asia. We confidently look forward to promising years to come.

Our Specialists
At Bangkok Hospital Pattaya we have more than 100 specialists, fully trained nurses, well-trained staff who can speak more than 20 languages and high technology medical equipments.

Breakthough Technologies

  • 3D and 4D Ultrasound
  • Interventional Radiology
  • DSI Telemetry for gastrointestinal & Cardiovascular Illness
  • Water Jet Techniques for Liposuction
  • Computer Navigation and Minimally Invasive Technique
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • IceLAB (cryotheraphy) - 110 degree celcius

Hospital Facilities
We offer full medical care in a friendly, pleasant and caring atmosphere in our 400-bed hospital with more than 100 full time doctors and specialists on board.

International Assistance
We speak your language - Good communication is an essential part of good medical treatment and as an international health care provider, we understand the need to speak your language.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, is the most technologically sophisticated medical institution on the Eastern Seaboard.

The Heart Center
The most advanced cardiac center on the Eastern Seaboard. Our multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, interventionists and cardiothoracic surgeons works with sophisticated technology like our new cardiac cath lab, cardiac intensive care unit and cardiology ward with telemetry monitoring system, earning board recognition from our colleagues throughout the region as the referral cardiac center of choice.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
Here we counsel patients on such matters as exercise and diet, providing individually tailored exercise programs, education and support with elimination of such risk factors as smoking and unhealthydiet. The center also offers the opportunity to meet other recovering patients for mutual encouragement and support.

The Medical Imaging Center
One of most technologically sophisticated facilities in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, our advanced medical imaging allows for less testing, optimal treatment, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

The Neuroscience Center
Our specialized neurological team is on-call round the clock to perform any necessary brain and neurological system checks. MRI and CT scanning are available, as well as emergency bypass treatment for potentially paralyzing or fatal strokes.

The Dermatology And Beauty Center
Cosmetic procedures at this innovative center include nasal surgery, breast surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction, a skin and body reviving treatment that uses advanced technology to permanently reduce cellulite, and much more - all performed by specialist cosmetic surgeons in a state-of-the-art operating theater.

Emergency Medical Services
The hospital's emergency medical services are available 24 hours a day to meet any crisis, and specialists are always on-call to treat illness and injuries. Our mobile ICU ambulances are outfitted to perform exactly like the hospital-based ICU, with the same medical equipment, from ventilators to defibrillators and intravenous medicines, and our mobile CCU ambulances are equipped to the same standard as the coronary care unit, allowing treatment to be initiated en route to the hospital.


  • Internal Medicine Clinic
  • DM & Endocrinology Clinic
  • Weight-Watcher Clinic
  • Gastrointestinal & Liver Clinic
  • Oncology Center
  • Nephrology Clinic
  • Surgery Center
  • Urology Center
  • Eye Center
  • Ear, Nose, Throat Center
  • Women's Health Center
  • Health Promotion Center
  • Hearing Center
  • Pediatrics Center
  • Dental Center
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Allergy & Rheumatology Clinic
  • Hemodialysis Center
  • Lasik Center
  • Orthopedics Clinic
  • Pulmonary Clinic
  • Psychiatry Clinic
  • Snoring Clinic
  • Thoracic Surgery Clinic

Room facilities
During your stay at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, we are happy to provide you a wide range of accommodations to meet all of your needs. From superior rooms to presidential suites, all have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind. All are tastefully decorated with facilities to ensure comfort and convenience for your stay. Physicians and nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day to provide continuous care.

All rooms at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital include the following amenities:

  • Meals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the cost of your room, and you may select from several cuisines, including Thai, Japanese, Muslim and Western food.
  • Water is provided daily drinking water in your room.
  • Special bathroom designed for patients with complimentary premium bathroom amenities
  • Electronically adjustable bed
  • TV LCD 32" with multi-lingual cable television and remote control (Thai, English and foreign language programming)
  • Refrigerator, microwave, hotpot and dish set
  • Air conditioning with a self adjustable thermostat for your comfort
  • Personal telephone for local and international calls
  • Personal nurse call system
  • Internet WI-FI
  • Guest couch
  • Personal in-room safe
  • All hospital wards have been designed with standard fire alarm and safety system to ensure security during your stay.

A large number of international tourists visit this city each year (40 percent of total number of all our patients). The hospital provides interpreters covering more than 20 different languages to assist patients in all matters covering communication with the medical personnel, health insurance translations, and embassy liaison and also referral services. The hospital also has cultural and language training courses for the staff make sure they understand the cultural differences and develop their language skills to provide the best service for the international patients. Of course, we also service Thai patients who are equally important for us, with the same standards and medical technology.

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    Stem Cell Therapy: New Hope for the Failing Heart

    The Bangkok Heart Hospital is now treating the patients with heart failure and patients with damaged heart muscle from blockage of the coronary artery using angiogenic precursor cells produced from the patient's own peripheral blood.

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    Moving Easier with Computer-Aided Orthopaedic Surgery

    Due to state-of-the-art, computer-guided navigation technology, the clinical outcomes of total knee replacement, total hip replacement and spinal surgery and abnormality correction procedures are achieving new levels of performance. CAOS (Computer-Aided Orthopaedic Surgery)enables the surgeon to achieve virtually 100% alignment.

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    Cardiac Screening Examinations

    Every Hospital and Clinic is offering screening examinations and encouraging you to undergo examinations and testing. It is difficult for you to judge whether this is an appropriate for you, which tests should be performed and whether the benefits justify the expense. The Bangkok Heart Hospital, in the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center offers excellent Cardiac Screening programs. Here is some information to help you to understand them.

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    Anti-Aging Medicine

    With human lifespan extending from 70 to 80 and with experts predicting that the average life expectancy could reach 100 within the next 50 years, are we preparing ourselves for greater longevity?

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    Insuring the Qualifications of International Medical Facilities

    Ensuring the quality, education, and expertise of any healthcare provider prior to receiving healthcare services, treatments or procedures is essential.

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    How to be 90 percent happier about giving birth?

    With so much to worry about when you're pregnant – from eating the right foods and avoiding others to keeping a lid on smoking, drinking and other no nos – few women think about the costs of giving birth. Now you don't have to.

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    Cross Border Tourism on the Rise

    Long gone are the days when people scoffed at receiving dental or medical treatments in foreign destinations.

  • package-image

    Bangkok Hospital Receives Multiple Awards for Quality Patient Care

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has received numerous awards for quality patient care and services, including JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation in 2009, ISO 9001 certification in 2000, consecutive Asian Hospital Management awards and the Prime Minister's Export Award for excellent medical care and health services focused on international patients (40% of Bangkok Hospital Patty's patients come from international destinations) in 2003.

  • package-image

    Solution to Healthy Living at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

    Staff at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya continually strives to perfect their patient care and services, reflected in the growing numbers of pleased patrons who have experienced such care in the facility. "The hospital utilizes EMR [electronic medical records] for patients, offering near-seamless care of services between departments and even international medical experts.

  • package-image

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Offers Innovative Dental Treatment

    Recently, BPH has upgraded its Dental Cosmetic and Implant Center, with a new Endomicroscope which helps dentists provide an easier and more effective dental treatment.

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