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Congestive-Heart-Failure-(CHF), Heart-Care-Surgery medical articles in Poland

Highly Specialised Cardiac Surgeries With the Best Specialists in Poland - by: Alina B

From heart surgery to knee replacements and dental treatment, more people are taking their medical needs greater distances. The savings for those who choose medical travel can be considerable. Poland&...

Poland: Continue to serve international patients with treatments - by: Florin P.

For several years now Poland has been developing its medical tourism branch. EU subsidized programs along with top medical services at a fraction of what they would cost in West European countries or ...

American Heart of Poland Medical Center Joins PlacidWay to Promote Heart Health - by: Pramod Goel

American Heart of Poland Medical Center joins forces with PlacidWay to provide accessible access to cardiac and vascular surgery procedures in Katowice, Poland. ...

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