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How to Search The Best Cataract Surgery in Turkey - by: PlacidWay

Get significant solution to Cataract surgery in Turkey. The medical centers in Turkey offer best of Cataract surgery at the best price.  ...

Patients With Macular Degeneration Can Have Their Vision Restored With Telescopic Eye Implant at Ekol Hospitals - by: Alina B

For selected people with advanced macular degeneration in both eyes, one option to improve vision may be surgery to implant a telescopic lens in one eye. Ekol Hospital in Izmir, Turkey, now ...

Turkey Provides The Latest Technology For Eye Surgery - by: Alina B

There are a variety of conditions that may call for eye surgery; from cosmetic changes to vision-saving procedures, and each treatment comes with its own benefits, risks, and indications for use. The ...

PlacidWay Birinci Eye Hospital Join Forces to Provide Eye Treatments to International Travelers - by: Patricia Perez

PlacidWay joins forces with Birinci Eye Hospital, a world class eye hospital that specializes in the latest in eye treatments and procedures in Istanbul, Turkey. Through their experienced opthalmologi...

Birinci Eye Hospital Helps Restore Sight - by: Pramod Goel

The technological infrastructure at Birinci Eye Hospital, coupled with qualified staff, provides a wide range of services that meet international standards in vision care. ...

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