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Beauty and Sex Change Procedures-5 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand - by: PlacidWay

Check out 5 reasons why Thailand is expanding in beauty and sex change procedures and why the country has become the new Mecca for sex change enthusiasts. ...

Which Are the Most Trending Cosmetic Surgeries among Celebrities - by: Delia T.

Beauty enhancing procedures are performed all around the globe. It’s not a taboo anymore. More and more people make use of these nip/tuck tricks and have great outcomes. ...

Choosing an International Plastic Surgeon - by: PlacidWay

While international standards of quality care, experience and training has grown throughout the world, consumers still need to be careful and take the time to do their homework and research the certif...

Tailored Beauty at Art Face - by: PlacidWay | ArtFace Rejuvenation

Art Face, a plastic surgery procedure center located in Tijuana Mexico, just across the U.S./Mexico border, offers a variety of internal and aesthetic plastic surgical and medical treatments, therapie...

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