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CMQ Hospitals

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
We offer the latest technology, the best professional team and the confidence that our full attention is on giving you the humane treatment you deserve. We work with the full intention that you receive treatment that will comfort and surprise you. Allow us to assist in the recovery process for your health; remember that: More than hospital services ... what we offer is hope for life.

Dr. Joya

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Dr. Armando Joya?is a world renowned expert on Lapband, Bypass surgery, and pioneer surgeon of the Gastric Sleeve surgery. No other doctor in Mexico has the same experience and allows you to recover in a safe beach resort. Dr. Joya does not use black market surgical equipment that is being used by low cost doctors along the border. All surgical equipment is purchased directly from the manufacturer and medical supplies companies like Johnson & Johnson, Inamed and others. Dr. Joya has trained and practiced Bariatric surgery over the last 15 years. Dr. Joya has performed numerous Gastric Bypass, Lapband and Gastric Sleeve surgeries. He has trained with surgeons from around the world to perform all of these procedures safely and effectively. Dr. Joya is leading the forefront in the Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico by being the very first doctor in Mexico to do the procedure and has been trained himself worldwide as well as training many other Mexican doctors on this procedure. Dr. Joya has done more Gastric Sleeve surgeries than ANY other doctor in Mexico. Dr. Joya is a Gastroenterologist, and has specialized in revising failed Bariatric surgeries to correct the weight gain and is one of the leading surgeons within Mexico with regards to Bariatric surgery. Dr. Joya also leads the way with teenage surgery for weight loss. Dr. Joya specializes in difficult weight loss surgeries where other doctors may charge y

Dr. Sergio Del Hoyo

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Dr. Sergio Del Hoyo is a Bariatric Surgeon in Puerto Vallarta. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.

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