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Global Hospitals Group, is the most renowned healthcare service provider in India, offering exceptional care, cutting-edge research and advanced education to care givers. This is one of the fastest growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals in India providing healthcare services at international standards. The group has five hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumb
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  • Knee Replacement Total or Partial from $4300
  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery from $6230
  • Liver Transplant from $41700
  • Kidney Transplant from $12000
  • Mastectomy from $4916
  • Anti Reflux Surgery Procedures from $2500
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  • Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total from $7000
  • Knee Surgery from $13000
  • Hip Resurfacing Surgery from $8000
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) from $2500
  • Root Canal (per tooth) from $99
  • Teeth Whitening from $240

Fortis Malar Hospital

Chennai, India
The Fortis Malar Hospital. Located in chennai Chennai, India. It is active since 1992 as a private hospital. Part of the larger Fortis Group of hospitals, it treats patients in a host of departments including Heart care, Cosmentic surgery, Neurology, Orthopedics and a lot others.

Jagannathan Vaman

Chennai, India
Dr. Vaman JN is a recognized authority on modern Japanese and German styles of Acupuncture and their integration with Western Medicine. Dr. Vaman is trained at Harvard Medical School in their prestigious Postgraduate Program in Acupuncture - Structural Acupuncture for Physicians. He earned MD in Acupuncture at Medicina Alternativa (WHO sponsored), Sri Lanka. His MD thesis was titled - &"Mechanisms of LASER therapy in Acupuncture";. Vaman after a long and successful stint in the corporate world started practice of Acupuncture for over 10 years to serve people with chronic ailments and to provide a solution with Integrated Medicine. His current Practice is dedicated to the Integrated & Holistic Health practice of Acupuncture using modern LASER applications & German MicroSystem Acupuncture (MAPS). Vamans interest in Acupuncture started in Germany in year 1992-93 where he studied Tai Chi and Acupuncture as a personal choice & passion, while working for a global medical equipment MNC in Germany and in India for over 17 years, he pursued Acupuncture later in the US in 2000. Vaman is a member of Society for Acupuncture Research, AHMA - American Holistic Medical Association, NAALT - North American Association of Laser Therapy and IASP. He is a Fellow of ASLMS - American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Vaman is an active member of Harvard Medical School - PGA - Post Graduate Medical Association. Dr. Vaman is in the Medical Expert Panel of Medical Laser Systems Inc. us advising them on LASER Acupuncture. Dr. Vamans philosophy in medicine is guided by Ortho-Molecular Medicine principles as propounded by Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Abram Hoffer and the great physician Dr. Max Gerson. He has evolved a unique system called Ortho-Molecular Acupuncture OMA - a system that combines the right nutrients, Natural organic food along with Acupuncture. Dr. Vaman is active in the acupuncture community as a clinical practitioner and draws inspiration from Dr. Jochen Gleditsch of Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich Germany, Master David Euler, Prof. Dr. Joseph Audette and the great teacher Kiiko Matsumoto of Harvard and KMI. Pl visit

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Medaku Acupuncture Integrative Medicine Research

Chennai, India
MedAku AIMR brings together Eastern and Western views of health and disease into a result oriented acupuncture style. We provide guidance to evaluate and treat patients using scientific Japanese & German Acupuncture techniques that link Western Bio Medicine theory to concrete, understandable clinical diagnostic and treatment techniques. Thus we bridge the gaps in western allopathic bio medicine system. Strong emphasis is also placed on developing a neuroanatomical understanding of pain modulation with acupuncture - AN INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE in consonance with the vision, teachings, principles, practices of THE HIGHLY REGARDED HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL - STRUCTURAL ACUPUNCTURE FOR PHYSICIANS COURSE. MedAku is a trusted center of Excellence for Medical Acupuncture Research & Knowhow that partners with world leading research institutions such as SAR - Society for Acupuncture Research in US and AHMA - AMERICAN HOLISTIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION us - a 30 year old Medical association with leading minds in integrative & holistic medical practices. We follow and facilitate Research in 3 systems - SAP - Structural Acupuncture System, KIIKO MATSUMOTO - JAPANESE ACUPUNCTURE and German MAPS - MikroAkuPunktSysteme - a proven system of Micro-Acupuncture. The best bio-medical perspective is to define Acupuncture as a medical technology that allows us to modulate communication within the body-mind network through concurrent changes in multiple signaling pathways. We use this great technology along with Vitamins/ Herbal/ Botanical Medicine and this is called Ortho-Molecular Acupuncture.
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