Are you looking for the best clinics which provide cancer treatment? You should consider some of the well known clinics in Turkey that offer everything you need in terms of advanced methods for treating cancer.

Turkey has the potential of being one of the biggest and most important medical touristic destinations in the world. Thanks to its accredited and highly equipped clinics, and also as a result of the well trained doctors and the latest technology used, Turkey is among the top destinations picked by patients who are searching for cancer treatment. Besides this, Turkey has a geographical and climatic superiority accompanied by its natural and historical beauties.

                                                            Cancer Clinics in Turkey:

  • Have the ISO 2001 quality management certification
  • Are JCI accredited – applying international quality standards in treating patients
  • Apply up-to-date treatment protocols for their patients
  • Have an International Patient Center which meets the patients’ needs
  • Offer customized treatment programs for each patient
  • Have internationally recognized medical specialists
  • Are fully equipped and use up-to-date technology   


                              3 Cancer Clinics You Can Visit in Turkey

Neolife Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Kent International Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

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