The cost for Lap Band Surgery in Cancun, Mexico starts at $5000. The final price depends on the type of procedure the surgeon will perform, the surgeon's fees, the hospital you choose, the anesthesiologist's and surgical assistant's fees, the equipment used.

The final price will be established after the first consultation when the surgeon will know exactly what type of Lap Band Surgery you need, what materials will be used, how long the procedure will take, etc.

Cancun, Mexico offers many bariatric surgery clinics and renowned obesity surgery specialists trained in famous universities and hospitals. These clinics provide attractive Lap Band Surgery packages for international patients, which include transportation from the airport, all the surgeons and hospital fees, meals, accommodation and many other services to make the patient's medical experience in Cancun, Mexico as pleasant as possible.

By choosing Lap Band Surgery in Cancun, Mexico you will benefit from long term weight loss, reverse health problems associated with obesity, minimal complication risks, fast recovery and an improvement in overall health.

As with any other type of surgical procedure, you should make sure that your surgeon is trained and belongs to a surgical or medical doctor association or organization for obesity surgery. Here are some questions that you should ask your surgeon before making your choice:

  • How many Lap Band Surgery have you performed so far?
  • Are you board certified in general surgery?
  • What are your success/complication rates with Lap Band Surgery?
  • Do you have patients who have undergone Lap Band Surgery and are willing to share their weight loss surgery experiences, both positive and negative?
  • What are the pros, cons, and risks associated with Lap Band Surgery?

Mexico is one of the best medical and touristic destinations in the world for Obesity/Bariatric Surgery. Medical tourists from all over the world come here to take advantage of the affordable prices, top surgeons, modern clinics, as well as the beautiful touristic attractions.

Below you can find some of the best Obesity/Bariatric Surgery clinicsin Cancun, Mexico that offer most affordable price for Lap Band Surgery.

Lap Band Surgery at Antiobesity Center (Cancun): from $5000

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