Who are the best doctors for hysteroscopy in Bahrain?

Bahrain Specialist Hospital is the best medical center in the Arabian Gulf, offering the latest medical systems and equipment and an outstanding team of doctors. The hospital is the only one in Bahrain to have the Joint Commission International accreditation.

Here you can find competent and highly-trained doctors, their years of experience being rewarded through Membership degrees, American Board certifications and British Fellowships. Dr. Murat Koc’s specialty is Hysterectomy, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopic Surgery, and he is well-known for his professional way of dealing with his patients and for offering high-quality healthcare services. Check out the two links for more information about the Bahrain Specialist Hospital and Dr. Murat Koc.

Gynecology Treatment

Gynecology Treatment Abroad Overview gynecologist is a trained and certified physician who specializes in the female reproductive system. In addition to providing female reproductive or gynecologic treatments, gynecologists are often trained and specialized in obstetrics, which defines a physician who is in care of a woman undergoing pregnancy and childbirth. The doctors who have undergone obstetrics and gynecology schooling receive training in not only obstetrics and gynecology, but neonatal intensive care, emergency medicine, internal medicine and depending on specialization, gynecological and oncology, GYN urology, reproductive endocrinology and reproductive genetics. Maternal and fetal medicine that focus on the overall health care and wellness of both mother and child are the focus of obstetricians, while a gynecologist is able to treat pregnant as well as non-pregnant women with a specialized focus on urinary and female reproductive organs and system development... More Information


Bahrain has managed to quickly develop, continuously focusing on the medical tourism industry. The climate changes and hectic lifestyle has made the country officials understand the importance of quality healthcare, updated facilities and experienced, trained doctors.

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