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Rhinoplasty/ Nose Surgery in India

Tour2india4health has a panel of expert cosmetic surgeons who provide low-cost Nose surgery in India at the most modern cosmetic surgery centers of Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore. Nose surgery also called Rhinoplasty has come a long way since its invention and now it is one of the most well known cosmetic surgery procedures that is done for reshaping nose. Nose surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure which is usually performed by either an oral surgeon, or plastic surgeon in order to improve the function and/or the appearance (cosmetic surgery) of a human nose.

Rhinoplasty is also commonly called a "nose reshaping" or "nose job". Nose surgery can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct trauma, birth defects or breathing problems. It can be combined with other surgical procedures such as chin augmentation to enhance the aesthetic results. Nose surgery in India is being provided with modern cosmetic surgery facilities and healthcare system in India assures good quality and incredible cost savings with good clinical care.

Candidates getting the procedure nose surgery should be at least in their mid teens — 14 to 15 for girls, and slightly older for boys. At these ages, the nasal bone gets matured and the shape of the nose is also stabilized. All nose surgery patients should have realistic expectations for their surgery. Nose surgery begins when the nose surgeon makes an incision either inside the nose or across the skin that separates the nostrils.

The cartilage and bone that makes up the framework of the nose are then exposed and sculpted to create the desired shape and profile. The plastic surgeon then stitches the skin back into place to complete the nose surgery. Nose surgery generally lasts one to two hours and is usually an outpatient procedure.

If one wants to get a fine aesthetic and reconstructive treatment of the nose then getting Nose surgery in India at the hands of an efficient medical staff can fulfill their expectations. Nose surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed in order to reshape the nose. Although nose surgery is most often sought for cosmetic reasons, it can also help to correct structural defects that may cause breathing problems.

Medical tourism in India provides excellent provisions for cosmetic care by the best Indian doctors and medical staff. Every patient from abroad and foreign destinations prefer to get cosmetic reconstructive procedures in India as it is of a good quality and ensures them sufficient money savings.

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