Gummy Bear Implants - Future of Breast Augmentation

Gummy Bear Implants - Future of Breast Augmentation

Any woman indulges, at least occasionally, to taste something sweet, without the fear that her silhouette will be endangered. Gummy bears, for example, are tasty and don’t have a bunch of calories, unlike other sweets. And now, those who dream of larger breasts can use the gummy bear implants to have an enhanced, contoured and feminine bust.

Of course, we’re not talking about the gummy bears found in the colourful bags from the stores’ shelves, but an innovator material used in aesthetic medicine. The name of this kind of implants was given by the surgeon Grant Stevens, who made this comparison in order to better describe the implants’ material. The new implants are made out of gel, similar to the gummy bear jellies texture, in the sense that even if it gets broken into two, it maintains its shape, unlike its predecessors. In addition, gummy bear implants are softer, more pleasant to touch and look more natural.

The gummy bear implants (also known as the highly cohesive implants or the 5th generation implants) have also a shell (which is usually textured) in order to reduce capsule contractures around the implant or scarring.

Why are they better?

There are multiple reasons that make gummy bear implants superior to other types of implants.

First of all, these innovative implants are also called form stable – which means that the silicone doesn't flow and the implant's shape stays the same despite any position changing. Therefore, gravity has zero effects on the silicone and the implant itself. Thanks to these aspects, the implant's top won't collapse and there's almost no chance of rippling. Plus, the leak rates are significantly lower in comparison to silicone gel implants.

The gummy bear implants are highly cohesive (he silicone gel molecules stay together) and not solid – which makes them maintain their shape even if accidents (ruptures) happen.

Most of the times, they are about the same price as the regular silicone implants, despite their benefits and superiority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is a must before taking any health-related decision. Women who are thinking about having a breast augmentation have to be completely informed and up to date with the type of implant they’re interested in choosing. So here are the most frequently asked questions about the gummy bear implants:


What are their benefits?

The fact that they're made out of high cohesive silicone makes them not leak if they rupture. Also, they have a highly natural feel and look, as well as a reduced risk of causing complications, such as rippling and capsular contractures. They are semi-solid, so they maintain their shape and stay in an upright position. Plus, compared to other types of implants, they are less likely to fold and/or wrinkle.


Are the gummy bear implants safe?

Yes, these implants are proven to be safe, as their producers meet high, strict industry standards in the process of their manufacturing.

What sizes and shapes to the gummy bear implants come in?

There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes that they're available in, thanks to their form-stable feature.

How much do they cost?

The gummy bear implants are about the price as the other types (previous) of silicone implants.

Am I a good candidate for gummy bear implants?

Many women are perfect candidates for the gummy bear implants. However, it's crucial to talk with your board-certified plastic surgeon regarding your expectations and goals regarding these types of implants. The type of your body and the size of your breast will be another factor taken into consideration when deciding if a patient is a good candidate for the highly cohesive implants.

Top destinations for gummy bear implants

Top destinations for gummy bear implants

The leading and most popular destinations where medical tourists choose to travel in order to have gummy bear implants are:

  • Asia (especially Thailand)
  • Europe (especially Turkey)
  • Latin America (especially Mexico)

All in all, the gummy bear implants are an excellent option for women who consider breast augmentation. After you’ve taken your decision, contact your surgeon and work together in order to obtain the best outcome for your expectations and your anatomy.

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