PlacidWay forma una relacion con la Agencia Basa Medical Travel para coordinar pacientes a Cuba

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PlacidWay forms a relationship with the Basa Medical Travel Agency to coordinate patients to Cuba

PlacidWay forms a relationship with the Basa Medical Travel Agency to coordinate patients to Cuba

Colorado, July 6, 2016 : The doors of the Cuban hospitality and medical treatments have been open for medical tourists from all over the world and this has been possible thanks to a strategically forged relationship between PlacidWay, the leading providers of Medical Tourism in the US and Basa Medical Travel Agency in Cuba. This is the biggest step in the history of medical tourism in Cuba since 2000 when football legend Diego Maradona arrived in Cuba for drug treatment.

Cuba, one of the most enchanting islands of the Caribbean, is rapidly developing in the highest medical tourism industry. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay says, "This relationship with the agency Basa Medical Travel in Cuba will open the doors to global patients have a wide range of medical services that are not only the highest standards, but also affordable to consumers seeking new innovations in health care "

This is a strategic relationship where both PlacidWay and patients will be able to benefit from the existing infrastructure Basa Medical Travel Agency. This will allow patients to PlacidWay throughout the world take advantage of the wide range of medical services offered by prestigious Cuban clinics and centers.

PlacidWay form a relationship with Cuba Travel Agency Medical Basa

Barbara Bosch , Executive Director of the Basa Medical Travel Agency said, "PlacidWay is a provider of medical tourism excellent reputation and this tie will strengthen the medical tourism market in Cuba. PlacidWay caters to patients globally and this emerging relationship will assure patients with specific health needs that have better health choices in Cuba. of course, the end result is that medical tourism in Cuba can help patients seeking new innovations in health care that are not available elsewhere at affordable prices. "

A wide variety of treatments would be available for patients in clinics and carefully selected medical centers in Cuba. All medical centers in Cuba are are controlled and regulated by the government and maintain a high degree of safety and innovative standards.

Cuba clinics handle all types of medical specialties and have paved the way for the emerging technology in relation to health care and therapies. innovative technology to research on the treatment of cancer and stem cell therapy are now feathers in its cap.

Stem Cell therapy was first used in Cuba in February 2004 and this advanced procedure is available to patients in nearly 14 of the 15 provinces of the country in conjunction with specialties like traumatology, orthopedics and angiology respectively. The result of using stem cells in patients with complex fractures, synovial cysts, osteoarthritis of the knee and have been highly encouraging seudoartritis

The country gained fame for an innovation created by researchers at the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM) in Havana and named the "Vaccine CimaVax". This vaccine aims growth factor in cancer cells such that allows inhibiting the replication of cancer cells. This vaccine is currently used for the treatment of lung cancer. This vaccine is being applied as a preventive measure in people identified at high risk of cancer.

Today, Cuba is at the height of the global medical prominence because this small country roads open to provide scientific treatments including treatments for diabetic foot ulcers, advanced treatment for head and neck tumors and other innovations in pharmacology and biotechnology.

Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay says, "One small step in medical tourism and a big step in making innovations in treatments are affordable to all patients in the world" that the Cuban Medical Tourism Renacer is. I'm hoping to introduce patients to the Cuban health system, which is the only system that is closely linked to research and development. The Cuban health system leads the way to a visible improvement of human health standards through innovation. "

IBMS is PlacidWay partner in coordinating educational programs and certifications in Cuba. The aim is to enhance the development of professional human relations in the field of global health care and find various ways to interact and enhance the credibility and visibilididad of health professionals from Cuba. This will also facilitate the development potential of the Cuban medical tourism market.

David P. Kalin MD MPH , President of IBMS, says, "IBMS is proud to have PlacidWay as an affiliate partner travel health IBMS helping to redefine the distribution of health care providers linking patients to high quality health worldwide "

Pramod Goel, feels that is new newly formed relationship with Cuba will definitely benefit the global patients and is another "milestone reached" by PlacidWay in the field of medical tourism.

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