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Dental craze in Croatia adding many more Smiles!

pleasant temperate climate along with cold and snowy winters is what makes Croatia one of the enchanting tourism destinations of Southeast Europe. There is so much to see and soak in right from the historic coastal city and UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik to the magical a river valley near Šibenik and then there are the 1,246 islands.

Over the years, Croatia has definitely attracted tourists from the world over but now it is attracting a different type of traveler altogether. It is now one of the primary hubs of Medical tourism especially for people traveling from western European countries to get dental treatment.

Affordable Dental Treatment in Croatia


The Unmasking of Dental Problems

Croatia is considered as one of the most fashionable destinations in Europe and attracts tourists from across the globe. It is a hotspot for various tourists, from spa-hotel surfers to backpackers and tingle the travel bug in just about everyone.

Whether you are planning to enhance your photography skills with the Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings of Zagreb or simply soak in the Mediterranean elegance of Dubrovnik, this country is also home to some of the best dentists in the world. Maybe, you can contemplate and plan a holiday along with an appointment for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry. Either ways, it will be a boon in disguise.

The question is what is the driving factor for the new found dental craze in Croatia? In order to understand why people from Italy, UK and Western European countries are traveling in large numbers to Croatia for a dental treatment, it is necessary to understand what the world of dentistry revolves around.

They say, a smile says a thousand words but then a smile is always incomplete especially when you are suffering from dental problems. The startling fact according to World Health Organization is that almost 60–90% of school children as well as 100% of adults across the world suffers from dental cavities.

As shocking as it seems, severe periodontal disease (gum disease) leads to tooth loss in adults while people in the age group of 65 to 74 years lack natural teeth. Dental care becomes even more necessary as there are several external risk factors that alleviate oral diseases. These risk factors vary from regular consumption of unhealthy diet to heavy tobacco use. Maintaining poor oral hygiene is also high risk factor especially in developing countries.

The most common dental problems faced by people across the world including Europe and the UK are dental cavities or tooth decay, tooth loss, Periodontal disease leading to tooth loss, Oro-dental trauma, and tooth erosion among others. There is another problem that most people are shy about and that is an unattractive smile caused by dental erosion or due to the natural shape of the teeth.

Dental Tourism in Croatia

Some of the common dental procedures offered in Croatia today are:

1. Dental implants

Dental implant tops the list as a large number of people from Italy, UK and Western Europe visit Croatia to get replacement tooth roots. If a particular tooth has fallen off or you are missing several teeth then dental implant is the solution that will ensure you are provided with a strong foundation for removable replacement teeth or permanent fixed teeth. The replacement teeth are created in such a manner and using high quality materials, so that they match your natural teeth. The different types of dental implants offered in Croatia include:

2. Cosmetic dentistry

This is one of the most sought after procedures in Croatia as it helps in enhancing your smile. One of the important procedures of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, which is a treatment primarily for stained or discolored teeth. There has been a steady increase in medical tourists from Italy, UK and Western Europe to Croatia in the last decade. Some of the other forms of cosmetic dentistry include:

3. Endodontics

This is a dental specialty that revolves around the study as well as treatment of dental pulp. The most prominent is the endodontic therapy, which is also known as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is normally done on the inside of a teeth to treat inflammation or infection caused by multiple dental procedures, deep decay, faulty crowns, and chip in the tooth. Some of the other endodontic procedures offered in Croatia include:

  • Apecectomy
  • Pulpectomy


Dental craze in Croatia

Why Croatia?

Why are people from Italy, UK and Western Europe travelling to Croatia for their Dental needs? Is there any real reason why you should also hop onto the bandwagon that promises dental solutions in Croatia? Yes, why not? There are several advantages of getting your dental treatments done in Croatia and this includes:

Experienced Medical Team

Croatia proudly boasts of medical professionals or dentists that have studied in the prestigious "School of Dental Medicine" in Zagreb. The doctors performing the routine examination and surgical or non-surgical procedures hold certification in Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM). The top dentists are also members of the Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Society of Periodontology, and the Croatian Society for Dental Implantology. They bring with them many years of experience, knowledge and expertise in a variety of dental treatments, and numerous successful procedures.

Competitive Prices

This is where Croatia leads the ways as compared to dental treatments in other parts of Europe. In fact, a simple procedure of tooth extraction costs £101 ($135) on an average in the UK and just 35€ ($40) in Croatia. If you are thinking of dental implants then the average cost in the UK is £1321 ($1761) while the average cost in Croatia is £550 ($733). In Croatia, you pay almost half the cost of doing it in the UK. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people from Western Europe are opting for dental work in Croatia. Here’s some more good news – if you book your appointments through medical tourism providers like PlacidWay then you might even end up getting your first check-up for free at select clinics.

Sound Infrastructure

Although, the prices look rock bottom, it doesn’t indicate that the treatment would be below average. The treatment offered by dental clinics and hospitals in Croatia are of the highest standards. This is owing to the use of state of the art equipment backed by strong infrastructural support. The clinics in Croatia also use tested world-class and approved materials for dental procedure like crowns and dentures. They come with the guarantee that they will be nothing less than the best quality available in the market.


Last but not the least; dental clinics in Croatia are equipped with a wide variety of facilities to make patients feel at ease. Patient comfort is the first priority!


Don’t you think it’s time you enhanced your smile and life?