Mexicali Obesity Solutions Offers Hope
Martha struggled with weight problems. Soon, those weight problems grew into medical problems. Obesity eventually caused enough damage to Martha's body that she developed sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that causes a person to stop breathing while they sleep. She needed to wear a sleep monitor every night when she went to bed. Her knees and joints grew sore with excess weight, she continually was forced to monitor her blood sugar levels to prevent impending diabetes and she knew the burden placed on her heart was immense.

Her doctor suggested that Martha undergo a gastric bypass surgical procedure. She talked with Dr. Marco Antonio Sariñana of Mexicali Obesity Solutions. She was pleased when she discovered the doctor took the time to answer her questions and explain the gastric sleeve operation he suggested for her condition.

Prior to the surgery in October of 2008, Martha weighed approximately 270 pounds. In April of 2009, Martha is proud to say that she weighs 178 pounds and continues to make positive strides in her weight loss endeavors. "My life has improved," Martha says. "My work and personal relationships have improved." Martha knows her choice to receive a gastric sleeve bypass was not merely because she wanted look better to her friends, family and acquaintances, but because her health was suffering.

"Today, I am happy, because I do not have to take medicine and I'm off the sleep apnea machine. For the first time, I am able to enjoy my grandchildren. Obesity causes physical as well as mental pain. Taking a positive action, visiting Mexicali Obesity Solutions and receiving the gastric sleeve surgery has changed my life."

The demand for obesity surgeries has grown among American communities, and facilities such as Mexicali Obesity Solutions surgical center are becoming popular and very busy destinations for bariatric surgeries. Dr. Sariñana is an expertly trained endoscopic and bariatric surgeon who performs a variety of obesity weight loss surgery procedures to help those seeking long-term weight loss. Experienced in gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Marco Sariñana offers a multitude of affordable bariatric surgery options for international travelers.

Mexicali Obesity Solutions is located in Mexicali, Mexico, an easy commute for many Americans seeking affordable, certified and expert bariatric care South of the Border. Obesity is a leading and epidemic issue in the 21st century and mortality is twelve times higher for obese individuals than those who maintain proper weight. In addition to sleep apnea, individuals suffering from morbid obesity also suffer low lung ventilation, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, reflex disease, bone and joint injuries, as well as increased cancer risks, depression and low self-esteem.

Dr. Marco Sariñana was a Faculty Member of Medicine in Mexicali for six years, specializing in general surgery at General Surgery Hospital before starting his own weight loss clinic. He continues to attend conferences and courses and training and education courses from renowned facilities such as the Inter-American Heart Foundation and the Arizona Health Sciences Center, the National Congress of General Surgery.

Mexicali Obesity Solutions clinic offers bariatric surgical procedures for both malabsorption and restrictive bariatric surgical techniques. Individuals struggling with weight loss but who are looking for affordable bariatric surgery seek the best and most experienced for their care.

Like Martha, many individuals have benefited from expertise, compassionate care and experience of Dr. Marco Sariñana and have benefited from the skilled and trained support staff at Mexicali Obesity Solutions surgical center.

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