9 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Gynecologist Abroad

9 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Gynecologist Abroad

When trying to find a good gynecologist, women have all sorts of questions and concerns, since, after all, it is their private parts they will be showing to him or her. This is why you need to get to know the gynecologist that will be treating you before starting any treatment. Asking the right questions about gynecology and getting satisfying answers should be enough to get you relaxed and safe, and here are the questions that you should be asking.

1. Are you published in any medical journals or otherwise involved in the development of the field?

While all doctors have an obligation to participate in research and publish works in medical journals from time to time, some doctors enjoy it more and some do it because they must. Other doctors participate in faculty work in medical schools. Ask your doctor about this and see what he answers. You can tell that a gynecologist is good if he/she gladly participates in new research and publishes new works fairly often. This will show that he/she is not only staying up to date with the developments in the field but is the one that is pushing the barrier of knowledge forward.

2. Where do you treat patients?

As far as ob-gyn offices go, there is not really much difference in terms of style and interior design. However, you can tell a lot about a doctor by the looks of his/her office. The office should make you feel safe and relaxed (even though it is hard to be relaxed when going to a gynecologist), as you should be able to reveal yourself to the doctor. Ask each to give you a tour of the offices when communicating.

3. How much time do you spend with your patients?

You need a gynecologist who will take his/her time to give you enough attention and address all the details that need addressing. Someone who is prepared to spend upwards of half an hour on an exam, or longer if you need treatment, is the right person to choose for the job. This closely correlates with the next question.

4. How many patients do you admit per day?

If the doctor is cagey about answering the previous question, you can follow up with this one and then gain your own conclusions. Many gynecologists in private practices tend to take on as many patients per day as they can possibly fit into their schedule. They do this because they want more money, usually, or to show how effective they are. However, know that these kinds of doctors can rarely give you the attention you need. It is better to go for someone who will have 10 patients per day than a doctor who has 30, as the former will have more time to work with you.

5. What is your approach to treatment?

You and your gynecologist of choice have to be on the same page about this. Many gynecological problems can be solved in multiple ways. It depends on the gynecologist and his preferred approach to treating a problem. Some will prefer medication and surgeries, while other will look for more natural remedies and changes in diet, which do not have many side-effects. There is no good or bad choice here, only what you prefer, so make sure that you are on the same page with the gynecologist from the start.

6. How does the doctor explain treatment protocols?

A good doctor will not have to use big medical words to explain what he/she is going to do during the procedure and how the procedure itself works. The better they are, the simpler it will be for them to explain. Make sure that you understand everything that is being said about your health and the procedure and if you are unsure about something, ask. It is the doctor’s job to provide all the information to you.

7. How many hospitals do you have admitting privileges to?

It is important that a gynecologist is well connected to the local hospitals and to be able to call on them when necessary. If he/she is well-connected then you will not have to worry about problems and complications with the procedure, as you will be sent to a hospital where you will receive proper care while recovering. If you choose a gynecologist who is not well-connected you might end up in an emergency care room with awful medical service, which you should definitely avoid when going abroad.

8. What is the cost of the treatment and what is included in the package?

Since you are travelling, you will have to know how much money you will have to spend during your medical trip. This is why it is not only important to know the cost of the package (you will be informed about that before leaving anyway), but also to know what it is you’re paying for. Some packages include only the treatment and nothing else, while others might include transportation through the town, accommodation, and even cover flight costs. Go into the finest details of the package, as some of them can even have some hidden costs which might surprise you when you are already far away from home.

9. Could you give me a list of referrals?

You should get informed about the doctor from other sources, as well. In gynecology, referrals are extremely important for the doctors, as they are the best way to attract new customers. Be sure to ask your doctor for a list of referrals from his/her former patients, and also for a list of their colleagues that you can ask for opinion. The patients will tell you their experiences, while the colleagues will show you how respected he/she is in the doctors’ community.

Finding a good gynecologist, especially abroad, is no easy task for any woman. By asking the right questions, you narrow down the chances of making a wrong decision about who will treat you, while at the same time getting more familiar with the gynecologist. When you have to put your trust in someone, it is best that you feel familiar to them. As always, we are here to help you make the right decision.

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