Passion for Beautiful Smile Transformations: Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz of San Jose Costa Rica

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Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz of San Jose Costa Rica

Passion for Beautiful Smile Transformations: Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz of San Jose, Costa Rica


Atlantis Dental, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry is a state-of-the-art boutique clinic located in the most posh and upscale suburb area of San Jose, Costa Rica: Escazu. Headed by Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz, the clinic offers an exotic yet safe and laidback setting for patients to have a very relaxing experience while doing their dental work.

Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz is an expert in General and Cosmetic Dentistry, taking pride in offering the finest individualized in-patient care and services for her patients. She  obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Costa Rica and completed a Prosthodontics Fellowship and a Masters in Cosmetic and Conservative Dentistry in Barcelona, Spain.  A firm believer that continuing education is the key to success, she is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and takes every opportunity to attend dentistry conventions all around the globe.

PlacidWay had a rare chance to do an interview with Dra. Da Cruz and spent that one afternoon knowing about how she takes pride creating high quality dental work to produce the most beautiful smiles.

Atlantis Dental has been in the healthcare industry for 10 solid years. What do you consider your top treatments and what made them such?

We have been offering a lot of in demand dental treatments such as  Veneers, Implants and All on 4. I strongly believe that these procedures are sought after at our clinic because of the opportunity that patients get to seize to improve their quality of life and beng able to gain their confidence back after their dental work is done. I have worked with a lot of patients who were truly happy seeing us and the gratitude from them is priceless.

What is your clinic's concept or approach in assisting patients who are interested to know about your treatment?

Our concept is really focused on personal care. Since we are a boutique clinic, we take limited amount of patients every week to assure attention to every detail. You would have a very private and tranquil experience and that will make your dental experience with us very relaxing and worry-free.

What additional services are you able to provide and which of them are included/ excluded on the treatment?

We offer all dental specialties, from general dentistry, to endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, etc. We are very attentive to our patient's needs so that if there's anything that we could assist during their stay in Escazu, we always go an extra mile.

How do you believe your center should be perceived domestically and internationally?

As a boutique clinic that offers personalized and individualized care with attention to every detail and the best quality of procedures performed by highly qualified dental professionals who stand out because of their honesty and charisma.

Medical Tourism has been rapidly growing and evolving. How does your center adapts to this?

We never stop to strive to deliver excellent results by using the best materials, state of the art equipment and continuously educating ourselves and our staff. We do not and will never compromise quality and satisfaction of our patients is our utmost priority.

Being part of the Medical Tourism industry, what are the challenges and risks that your clinic sees? 

The challenge that I see the most is the price war going on. There are other clinics who would charge less. The risk there is that lower prices means to cut costs on materials, labs, etc, which can compromise the quality of the dental work. These patients travel a thousand miles and they entrust their dental work to the clinic, we need to make sure we value their trust and provide the best dental care we can.

Taking these challenges into consideration, what do you believe needs to be improved to overcome these?

We should not stop to improve the level of customer service we provide and the quality of the services we offer. If we communicate with our patients well and make them understand what your common goals are, the dental care will be excellent.

What is unique about your center compared to other clinics?

 I am proud of our personalized concept, we do not do mass production, we dedicate our time to each and every patient who comes to our clinic.

What do you recommend a patient should do or take note of when opting to travel for healthcare to your facility?

It would be helpful to do a bit of research on the country where you're going. I recommend that you connect with the clinic that you're considering ahead to get a good feel of the place and also get them to help you assess the kind of dental work you would be travelling for. Always choose quality over anything.

We would like to ask, What do you feel is the overall value that patients will enjoy should they decide to do their treatment with your clinic?

I always say this and probably getting redundant but I see the value on the personal connection that me and my team establish with our patients making you feel very comfortable and confident with our clinic's services. The patients can be assured that we do things with right and that at the end of their day (or trip), our objective is to see them happy and satisfied.


Costa Rica has been perceived as a peaceful and relaxing country for tourists wanting to enjoy environmental attractions due of its biodiversity. Now, it finds itself as a key destination not only for ecotourism but medical tourism as well. Dental care has gained popularity from people raving about how positive their experience was. If one is to consider Escazu, Costa Rica for dental work, you may struggle to find a reason not to- A quiet, secure and beautiful suburb with all the comforts of modern life and the warmth of people who mostly speak English, you'll might already sport a beautiful smile even before, during and definitely after your dental work is over.


Would you like to know more about Atlantis Dental, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry and have a free consultation with Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz herself?

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