Who Needs Orthopedic Surgeries?
Orthopedic surgeries are designed to treat a number of bone and joint problems. The most common orthopedic issues today involve medical conditions such as arthritis, joint-related injuries and stress caused by obesity, and damage to bones and joints due to sports injuries or automobile accidents.

According to research performed by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, one in seven Americans currently suffers from bone or joint issues, for which consumers pay nearly $850 billion a year. Elderly individuals suffering from chronic arthritis conditions make up the largest demographic of those seeking orthopedic care. When it comes to injuries, back and knee injuries are the most common, and cost workers in the United States over 400 million lost workdays.

Innovations In Orthopedic Surgery
Research and development has improved the design and function of many orthopedic devices and procedures.  Two of the most recent include computer assisted hip resurfacing software.  Though widely utilized in Britain and Germany for many years, computer assisted resurfacing has stepped into the 21st century with a model based CE (Conformité Européenne) solution for hip resurfacing, called the VectorVision® hip SR. The process offers precise navigation system positioning and is able to calculate an optimal treatment plan for placement of femoral head components, hip geometry and hip replacement surfaces. 

Another popular innovation has recently been used in Chennai, India.  The JOURNEY Knee in Oxinium provides an anatomical and fully functional knee joint system designed to feel and move like a normal knee, increasing flexion and stability. Oxinium materials offer state-of-the- art technology utilized in knee and hip implant components, producing exceptional performance and resistance to abrasion and friction. The device replicates functions of both the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligaments. Says Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam, a consulting orthopedic surgeon, "The JOURNEY knees system is well suited for high demand or active patients.  It is the only knee replacement on the market that offers patients more natural movement and function, and provides surgeons with an answer to the challenge of current total knee systems."

Orthopedic Surgery Abroad
Due to increasing costs and wait times for orthopedic treatments and surgeries, more individuals are crossing international borders to seek treatment. Lower costs, decreased wait time, new technologies, and the expertise and experience of orthopedic surgeons in foreign destinations has created a boom in the number of individuals, especially the elderly, seeking treatment in such destinations as South America, India, and Middle East countries such as Jordan and Turkey.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado is a leader in consumer information, knowledge and awareness of orthopedic procedures and technologies offered with its regional partners. Medical facilities in various regions around the world, including those found in Korea, Thailand, and South Africa, offer certified, accredited, and quality care for orthopedic patients.

Cost Comparison
In the United States, cruciate ligament repair via knee arthroscopy averages $17,000 per knee,  while in India, medical travelers may save up to 40%, paying just under $5,000 for the same procedure. Hip replacement procedures in the United States cost an average of $45,000, while the same procedure in Poland costs just over $5,000, with a 50-60% savings, or roughly $7,000 in Turkey, and $6,000 in India.

Lower costs do not reflect the expertise or experience of orthopedic surgeons in foreign destinations. Foreign medical providers in many locations offer world renowned surgeons utilizing state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment and are also accredited by the JCI (joint Commission International) as well as by Boards of Orthopedic Surgeons and Associations in their country of origin.

With healthcare rules and regulation changes on the horizon, the attractiveness and cost effectiveness of global medical tourism is likely to rise. Consumers accessing timely, up-to-date and relevant knowledge database is regarding foreign healthcare providers and facilities through website portals such as PlacidWay will find untold benefits, and cost savings, by looking beyond current borders for their orthopedic medical care.

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