Marion didn't think her features looked feminine enough to suit her artistic personality. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and as an artistic person, she was highly critical of her own features. Such displeasure with our own features often leads to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and our sense of criticism, in ourselves, and the way we present ourselves to others.

Marion had spent nearly three decades in the fashion industry, never quite feeling as if she fit in or belonged. She was one of the best at what she did, but that didn't help her feel as if her face and body fit with her job description.

She did something about it. After searching for years to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon to meet her needs, Marion decided, and rightly so, on the services and skills of Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena to address her needs.

Seeking facial feminization surgery, Marion was pleased with what she learned about Dr. Cárdenas. "Dr. Cardenas impressed me with his honest assessment and sincerity at the very first consultation. I immediately knew I could trust him with the care of my face."

Such a statement is not said lightly. After all, surgery on one's face is one of the most personal and nerve-wracking experiences that any individual can go through.

Dr. Cárdenas Offers Personalized Services

As a specialist in aesthetics, Dr. Cárdenas has practiced in Guadalajara for over two decades.  His excellence as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a caring and compassionate doctor are the foundations of his successful practice.

As a member of the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive Anesthetic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Cárdenas knows his field. He's also a specialist in aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as a professor at the University of Guadalajara.

Dr. Cárdenas brings his decades of experience, knowledge and expertise to help men and women of all ages achieve their individualized goals and dreams. "I dedicate my approach and focus on quality, compassion and understanding the unique personalities of each of my patients." Such dedication, experience and training assure patients the Dr. Cárdenas offers only the best in services and procedures that cater to their personal needs.

In Guadalajara for Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Cárdenas is one of the most highly educated and experienced surgeons in Mexico, and his convenient and easy-to-access location in Guadalajara, one of México's leading tourist destinations, offers patients around the world a number of cosmetic procedures in face and body procedures to meet personal needs and goals.

Dr. Cárdenas is one of the world's finest when it comes to feminization procedures including chin and forehead contouring, fat grafting, trachea shaves, and other common procedures in face and body feminization procedures.

Guadalajara is known as the "pearl of the west", a unique blend of past and present, and beautiful and historic architecture. As the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara is a busy metropolis that nevertheless offers the ultimate in grace and charm. Marion enjoyed her stay, both in and out of Dr. Cárdenas' facilities.

"Everything went smoothly, from sign-in to checkout," says Marion. "I was treated courteously and everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, always with a big smile on their faces."

Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena and his skill as one of the world's finest cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments experts gave Marion the results she was looking for. Harmony within body and spirit are the ultimate goal of Dr. Cárdenas' skill, and he certainly didn't disappoint. Marion smiles and offers a nod of pleasure and her own bright smile. "I would like to recommend Dr. Cárdenas not only to the transgender community, but to anyone looking for perfection."

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