Sarah was interested in a plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure, though she knew she couldn't afford it in San Diego, not only because her health insurance provider didn't cover elective cosmetic surgical procedures, but also because her husband had also recently been laid off from work.  However, Sarah had long been interested in a procedure to remove, or at least eliminate scarring from an auto accident she had received several years prior. She strongly believed that cosmetic surgery would enhance her chances of advancement in the retail store where she worked.

Sarah, on the advice of her mother, accessed PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource for all types of surgeries, procedures and treatments around the world. However, Sarah didn't want to travel the world, she wanted to find something close to home, preferably Mexico.

Convenient, Affordable Medical Care
Sarah was happy to find an excellent and highly recommended health care hospital in Mexicali. Called the Hospital de la Familia, staff at this specific hospital treated many Americans and international travelers, offering comprehensive health care and services at prices well below those that she'd been quoted by San Diego cosmetic surgeons.

She carefully researched the facility, which specialized in not only plastic and cosmetic surgery, but also orthopedics, bariatric, pediatric, and obstetric and gynecological surgical procedures.

Hospital de la Familia has treated thousands of American patients since it opened in 1992, a private healthcare facility whose mission is to continually provide high-quality professional health services.

Because her surgery wasn't considered extremely extensive, Sarah knew that she would have the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of vacation time while she was down in Mexicali. She and her husband looked forward to a mini-honeymoon, as Mexicali is already well known for its wonderful and varied cuisines and nightlife. 

Her husband could go golfing while she took in some shopping at some of the most well-known designer stores, Mexican artist restores and one of the most visited shopping centers in Mexicali, the Plaza La Cachanilla.

Sarah also discovered that she had several options in regard to hotel accommodations, from some of the most beautiful hotels in what is known in Mexicali as the "Hotel Zone".  For example, the Hotel Lucerna Mexicali and the Crown Plaza Mexicali were two beautiful, five-star hotels offering a serene and irresistible combination of colonial and traditional architecture, surrounded by gardens, and offering the best in amenities, including swimming pools and fitness centers.

Traveling to Mexicali for Medical Care
Sarah was already convinced the traveling to Mexicali would be one of her most affordable options, and yet one that would meet all her needs. The hospital was only a couple hours away from her native San Diego, and located in the 13th largest municipality in Mexico. Because it is separated from other major cities by approximately 50 miles, Sarah knew that the location would provide the safety, tranquility, and beauty she was looking for.

Actually, the decision to travel to Mexicali was a no-brainer for Sarah and her husband, and they arrived in Mexicali a few days before her surgery in order to enjoy the atmosphere, sites, and foods offered in the area.

Today, Sarah counts her trip to Mexicali as one of the most amazing in her life.  Her cosmetic procedure went well, she was very impressed and pleased with the expertise of her surgeons and her results, and today is working as a manager in one of San Diego's most popular retail store chains.

She's also telling everyone she knows about her wonderful experience at Hospital de la Familia in Mexicali.

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