Best Isolation & Storage of Own Cells Package in Switzerland

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Best Isolation & Storage of Own Cells Package in  Switzerland

The human body contains more than 200 types of cells, each of that has its own professional task. Nerve cells perform electrical impulses, muscle cells contract along with the ß-cells of the pancreas create insulin.

Cells are 'neutral' cells because they are differentiated from the mature and also 'worker' cells in the body. They are represented by the ability to differentiate into many lineage-specific cell categories, to multiply in order to form new tissue by dividing and also maturing.

This capability to develop into highly disparate, specialised forms of cell, thus assisting the organism in the regeneration process, can make cells unique and also highly important to health care treatments. Scientific examination from worldwide shows that cells are the key factor in regenerative medicine and also tissue repair.

Isolation and storage of own cells for 10 years 10 vials with 1 Million cells (total 10 Mio.) are cryopreserved and banked Incl. certificate of banking and cell ID card.

Minimum time required from harvesting to application of stem cells is 8 days !!

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At each phase of your life your healthy cells may give the treatment of degenerative diseases and also injury. Over the years, medicine has created groundbreaking development in the area of cell research. This really is a brand new section of regenerative medicine and also Med Cell Europe is at the cutting edge on this technology. Our researchers have the ability to isolate and propagate adipose-derived cells to a hitherto unidentified purity and also quantity. This really is your opportunity to benefit from today's information for tomorrow's healthcare.

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