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Diabetic Foot Care

The significance of foot care in the diabetic persons!

An important issue needed to be cared for with diabetic patients for years is foot care. As a result of various factors, it is necessary for the diabetic person to show special attention to his/her feet. Among them, the stenosis in the foot and leg veins as well as similar circulation problems are important. Hardening, calcification and circulation deficiencies in the leg veins show up due to reasons such as diabetes, aging, smoking.

Alternatively, in the non-treated and unchecked diabetics, the functions of the nerves in the leg and feet are deteriorated; there might be decreases in pain, heat and general feeling (neuropathy). Therefore,any wounds to the feet are not felt or recognized; the infection (defluxion) is added to others infection and this makes treatment harder.

One point which should not be forgotten; is that the feet are the appendages which carry the body weight and remain under pressure most of the time as such they are prone to harm the most.

These risk factors that have been mentioned have been more frequently observed in the patients who have been ill  for a long duration and whose blood sugar control is unchecked.

Best Diabetic Foot Care in Istanbul Turkey

How does foot damage occur with neuropathy?

Pain such as pins, needles that can prickle the feet are not felt and is caused the defluxion. The elastic on the socks, damaged shoes, small pebbles etc. items on inside the shoes can cause soreness and small wounds, however the harm increases as the pain caused by them is not felt. In the diabetic individual who complains about cold feet and who approaches his/her feet to a heat source to get warmer, burns can occur.

In the case of ingrown toenails the patient does not feel any pain however the affected person is aware of something wrong the event when infection sets in to the inflammation of the foot. The majority of foot issues show up with inappropriate and inadequate foot care and shoe problems, incorrect clipping of toenails, ingrown toenail, calluses, cuts on the feet, uncomfortable shoe, burns, fungi between the fingers are the most encountered causes for foot damage.


How do I spot signs of foot damage?

Cheap Diabetic Foot Care via Estethica Istanbul

- If your feet get dry
- If there are fungi between the fingers
- If there are papillas, hydroceles on your feet
- If you have calluses on the feet
- If there is a cold feeling touching in the feet
- If you smoke
- If there toenails start to become thick, change shape or start to grow smaller and smaller




Affordable Diabetic Foot Care in Turkey

How can foot problems which have so many dramatic problems be prevented?

Our doctors need to analyze your feet, they can provide details to you regarding whether there is neuropathy or circulatory disorders. You should not neglect the daily care of your feet.

If the foot is harmed, what should be done?

The thing to do first is resting and not walking. When the foot wound remains under pressure, it does not heal. In addition to this, the substances and ointments such as tincture d’iyote, mersol, oxygen should definitely not be used without the control and approval of your doctor.

Solve your diabetic foot problems with proffesional care from Estethica!

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