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Ligament Reconstruction in Goa India for ACL Tear

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Package Details

ACL Reconstruction at Manipal Hospitals Goa

Minimally Invasive Ligament Reconstruction

in Goa India for ACL Tear

ACL Reconstruction for ACL Tear in India

Do you miss those long walks and activity

with your friends and family?

ACL Reconstruction for ACL Tear in India

Would you like to regain your full mobility

lost due to ACL Tear?

If your knee has become more painful by the day and ACL Reconstruction is too expensive to perform in your nearby hospital, you can now fix your knee issuesACL Reconstruction In Bangalore India Manipal affordably and at the highest international standards at Manipal Hospitals Goa

If you have hoped for a painless life and moving freely, you can now stop hoping and get your ACL Reconstruction surgery in India at a fraction of the cost with no compromise in quality.

What is ACL Reconstruction

in Goa, India about?

Your knees are the two biggest joints within your body. When your knees are healthy, plain routine like walking, turning, and bending are simple and uncomplicated.

When they’re affected, easy actions like these become incredibly agonizing.

Our orthopedic surgeons at Manipal Hospitals Goa use Arthroscopy to identify and cure more orthopedic issues.

Arthroscopy is the surgery that involves a small fiberoptic telescope (arthroscope) being placed into the joint. Liquid is then released into the joint to distend the joint and to allow the visualization of the teared tissue in that joint.

Generally the surgical procedure is seen on a monitor to ensure the precision of the reconstruction and minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Benefits of minimally invasive ACL Reconstruction procedure include:

  • Less Scarring
  • Faster Healing
  • Lower Complaction Rate (compared to open surgery)

Price Manipal Hospitals Goa

Ligament Reconstruction in Goa India for ACL Tear Line1

The duration for stay in hospital is 3 days and for outside the hospital (recovery stay) is 1 week.

The Package Includes:ACL reconstruction in India

Bed charges

Clinical Lab Charges

Doctor & Nursing Charges

Dietary Charges for the patient

Operation Theatre charges

Anesthetist charges


The Package Excludes:

  • Stay outside the hospital
  • Suplimentary Special diet
  • Outpatient consultations
  • Follow-up medicines
  • Special Investigations referred by other departments
  • Implant cost
  • Other pharmacy costs.

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ACL Reconstruction for ACL Tear in India

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ACL Reconstruction for ACL Tear in India

ACL Tear Procedure Details


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