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Restore Mobility with Top Knee Replacement Packages in India

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? Top Knee Replacement Packages in India


Restore Mobility with Top Knee Replacement Packages in India

Are you suffering from a severe knee injury, severe arthritis and osteoarthritis? You might consider a knee replacement surgery.

Arthroplasty or most commonly known as a Knee Replacement, is a surgical procedure that works to resurface a knee damaged by severe arthritis or knee injury.

A total knee replacement is a major surgical procedure that requires the knee to be replaced with an artificial joint. On the other hand, when it is a partial knee replacement, the orthopaedic surgeon substitutes the damaged parts of the knee with metal and plastic parts.

The cost of knee replacement in India ranges from $3,200 - $7,000 for a Single, Unilateral or Partial Knee Replacement  (PKR) while its average cost is $5,100. Meanwhile, a Bilateral or Total Knee Replacement (TKR) can range from $5,600 - $12,000 averaging about $8,800.

In the US, the average hospital cost for a TKR is $49,500 while a PKR is 10-20% less because it requires a shorter hospital stay.

The prices of TKRs and PKRs in Indian medical centers vary and is dependent on the length of stay and the kind of implant used e.g. Oxinium. Mostly, the cost of the implant is included in the package along with  hospital and professional’s fee of surgeon and anesthetist, nursing care, and meals in the hospital.  

Restore Mobility with Top Knee Replacement Packages in India
Chennai, India
Total Knee Replacement - (single high flexion knee)
Pune, India
Knee Joint Replacement Single

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