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Parkinson's Disease Live Cell Therapy at Regentime in Beirut, Lebanon

Parkinson's Disease Therapy at Regentime in Beirut, Lebanon

If you noticed that you or a loved one began suffering from movement related issues like shaking or rigidity of the limbs or slowness in movement the problem might be Parkinson’s disease. The main reason for the occurrence of this degenerative disorder of the nervous system is the death of dopamine-generating cells in a certain region of the midbrain. This being an idiopathic disease, no single factor can be identified as the cause, although occurrence has been seen most frequently in older persons, over 50.

Parkinson’s disease has been mostly linked to genetic predispositions. If left untreated, the disease advances at a rapid pace, resulting in thinking and behavioral problems. Dementia is the most common secondary problem, with depression being the most common psychiatric symptom.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment Packages at Regentime in Beirut, Lebanon

Parkinson's Therapy - $12,000  

Regentime is clinic dedicated to understanding and treating incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s. Their area of expertise is live cell therapies. Dr. Nassim is firmly convinced that in today’s healthcare interventions, live cell therapy has shown to be the next breakthrough in medicine as it has the least or no side effects and effective results.

For patients looking for treatments, the Regentime clinic offers groundbreaking treatments and therapies involving live cells. As a leading healthcare provider, the Regentime clinic has highly qualified medical personnel, top notch equipment and state of the art medical facilities. The entire staff is dedicated to helping patients overcome hardships and to achieving the highest results possibly.

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